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Since Samsung first announced their Music Hub service, the global reach has been somewhat limited. Initially launching only in the UK, the U.S. soon followed, but one thing remained. Device exclusivity to Samsung devices, more specifically the Galaxy S3 and then the Galaxy Note 2. Now though, a new report suggests that Samsung is looking towards expanding the reach of its music service, and go toe-to-toe with the likes of Google Play and the Amazon MP3 Store. 

TJ Kang, SVP for Samsung Media Services, in speaking with The Next Web said that Samsung plans to expand the availability of Music Hub. Initially taking in the Samsung range of connected devices, to include tablets, smartphones, Smart TV's and even refrigerators, the expansion wouldn't end there. Beyond this, Kang also acknowledged that the service could be seen on Android devices from other OEMs, stating it would be easier for Samsung, since consumers often own devices covering a broad range of manufacturers.

Currently the Samsung Music Hub is available in six countries worldwide, but further global expansion is also reportedly on the cards for 2013. As you might expect this is subject to territory specific deals, but also Samsung's 2013 device release plans. No potential timeline was offered for making the service available beyond the walls of Samsung, but Kang did go on to say that such availability was the company's goal. 

So, perhaps the question we should be asking -- is there room for yet another music service fighting for our business? With Google Play and Amazon already established in selling music, and the likes of Spotify and Rdio offering compelling streaming offerings, is there room for another? Currently Music Hub could be seen as more of a convenience for those who can access it, but surely to break through Samsung would have to offer something compelling. What about you guys -- would you use a Samsung music service in place of whatever you currently use? Hit up the comments below and share your thoughts with us. 

Source: The Next Web


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Samsung reportedly planning wider device availability for Music Hub


Nobody wants their stupid Music Hub. If you're not going subscription, you're going in the wrong direction. If you're going to do it anyway, you can't match Amazon Pricing... so let it go. Subscription is the future unless you can afford to lowball prices like Amazon.

Right like I_Am_Incredible said, if you can't match Amazon on pricing, don't even bother. This has been my biggest issue with Google Music, everything I want on GMusic is at least .30 cents more than Amazon. The only time I buy music from Google is during the album sales, and to date I have bought 1 album. On the other hand, I am not a fan of subscription based music. For me I like to buy what I like once and listen to it for a lifetime. So since I am not a user of subscription based music I will not comment on that since it is another major part of the business.

I just wanted to comment on the subscription services. I had used Spotify...not reliable when streaming. Rdio, maybe the worst service ever. Constantly plays the wrong song, doesn't stream well. MOG on the other hand is the best. I am always amazed that more people don't seem to use MOG. It streams the best, at the best quality, and in my opinion, has the best interface.

I used MOG on a free trial for a week and have to agree that it is amazing. Absolutely no complaints with it. Unfortunately, I stopped using it and eventually got into Google Music which I love. But if you're going subscription, MOG is the way to to,

The Zune Music Pass was awesome for me, but of course now that I have left WP7 for the SGN2, I am stuck to listening to music on my outdated Zune....

while I like Samsung devices:
MusicHUB does not work in Norway, they or the "lawsuit and threat industry" (RIAA) just don't want customers here.

BookHub is bad too, the only app that refuses to work on a rooted device.

basically - none of this hug mess works.