Samsung Replenish on Boost Mobile

The Samsung Replenish started life on Sprint as the first "eco-friendly" smartphone. Today, it's made the leap to the no-contract Boost Mobile. The Replenish, which sports a 2.8-inch display, full QWERTY keyboard and runs Android 2.3, will be available at Boost retail stores Jan. 16 for $99.99. It'll hit national retailers by March.

Source: Sprint


Reader comments

Samsung Replenish hops from Sprint to Boost Mobile, available Jan. 16 for $99


I bought the replenish last month as my first smart phone. I have enjoyed the options that it offers as to the facct that I had the ever sucky samsung seek untill now on the boost network. I didn't research before I got it. I was just sick of the seek. Here's what I think so far. Love the qwerty board. Definate perk. I wasn't too sure about the camera but it does its job quite well. As long as its a daytime picture or there is plenty of light. So a flash would be nice. And the battery life. Thaat is frustrating. If I use my phone for lengthy conversations I don't have very much battery life at all. I've looked for exteended life batterys and also the solar charging back it claims to offer but haven't had any luck. Otherwise I like this smart phone. Now to figure out how to optimize its use.