Samsung Replenish

Another thing we found while digging through the leaked Sprint playbook was a maintenance release update for the Samsung Replenish, scheduled to hit July 18.  With it will come enhancements to the LED, a fix that sounds the roaming alert before roaming is activated, and a fix for the issue of the ##RTN# attribute resetting to all zeros that was introduced with ED23.

While it's not a major OS update to Gingerbread, it's refreshing to see issues and bugs get quickly fixed.  If you're using a Replenish, you'll be notified when the update is sent to your phone, and given installation instructions at that time.

Thanks, Anon!

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McPlot says:

My Son has one. This is good to know.

rocket321 says:

Its annoying to see them fix the LED notification on this phone when the Samsung Epic has had an issues with its LED since release last summer.