Just in case you didn't already know, Samsung is reminding us that we'll see some killer new things at CES 2013. They don't give any hints, but rumors and speculation are already flying -- and that's half the fun.

We'll be at CES with cameras and keyboards at the ready, so keep glued to AC for everything there is to know from Samsung (and everyone else) in early January.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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Samsung reminds us that new things are coming at CES 2013


Can't wait to see the new flexo amoled screen, hopefully making broken screens on phones and tablets a thing of the past.

No kidding - absolutely hate it. Especially after it combined all my stuff but then won't combine the stuff that I want it to combine.

Considering the Note2 just came out, and the S3 is on a worldwide roll, and their ads are rocking right now... would you not want to wait just a few more weeks for this to come out?

Wait, they can't come out with new stuff! I haven't been able to afford their current stuff yet!

Based on the way the teaser ended, it seemed like a TV turning off. Could mean nothing, but could be indicative of what they may be announcing at CES in addition to the rumored re-branding.

Will they drop the Samsung name on the phones and go with just Galaxy for their premium phone line? Hmmm ... not like it hasn't been done before. Acura and Lexus are the first to come to mind.