Samsung's LeBron app gives you all the LeBron James news you can handle

NBA fans with a Samsung device can now enjoy an exclusive official LeBron James app. Through the app titled simply LeBron, users can keep an eye on photos and videos he shares of his daily routine, follow his live scores and stats from NBA playoffs, tune in to some of his favorite music, and otherwise get a peek into his personal life. The app is available right now for the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy Note 3.

Now, I'm not a basketball guy. I gather LeBron is a pretty big deal, but it's hard to take someone seriously when they call themselves The King, no matter how good they are. Should Samsung be more mindful of which celebrities they endorse, or is LeBron a good fit for their marketing?

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Samsung's LeBron app gives you all the LeBron James news you can handle


I wasn't sure if you were trolling after reading your comment... you know who owns the Milk Music app that you freely advertise in your signature right?

"By way of Nexus 4 with Milk Music"

Stay in school kids!

Stay in school and drink your Milk!

Seriously though, a Lebron James app? How freaking ridiculous can you get?

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Please don't do that. Every athlete is a "cry baby" whether your name is Kobe, or LeBron or Tom Brady etc. They all do it.
And also, when has anyone ever heard LeBron refer to himself as the King.... Have u heard him do so Simon? These nicknames aren't self imposed people...

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On several occasions he has used the "King James" moniker publicly. He did not create it, but he certainly has embraced it. But why wouldn't he? It's his biggest payday.

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He has "King James" on the back of his jersey while playing. You think someone forces him to wear that? He's awesome but WAY overrated!

That was in the NBA nickname game. All the players on both teams heat v. Nets had nicknames on the back.

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That's just not true...have you ever been a competitive athlete, because that statement is really dumb! Every athlete means every single one! And, when you say "cry baby", you're talking about the wimpiest of human beings in the world. Now with that said, when is the last time you've stood in the way of a 250 lb man running at nearly full speed with the capability of jumping over 10 feet in order to slam a ball through a cylinder...?
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He's good and all, but I dont think he's a cry baby, just way too cocky,

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LeBron did not create the name. Announcers did in Ohio in his high-school days when his teams where unbeatable. Espn ran with it so did LeBron. It's now a huge marketing tool.

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Yeah, I'm never going to buy a Samsung product (particularly not a washing machine), knowing that there is an exclusive optional app available for some of their phones that nobody is forced to install.

Or, y'know, because the money you give them is going into the pocket of the guy they're endorsing. Or the So-fascist-chi Olympics.

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Lol the Bron haters will say anything to diss him. He has the #1 selling Jersey in the NBA.

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Seems weird to have an app just to follow one player. Having one for a specific team makes a little more sense but still a pretty narrow focus.

YA KNOW! I ain't ever seen so many haters, but then again pseudo athletes and geeks are the majority of the readers on this site!

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James is an easy guy to hate. He's a whiney a-hole. You didn't see folks hating on Jordan, Magic or Bird be cause they weren't a-holes.

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Are you serious? Everybody you named has done a dick move at some point in their NBA career, on or off the court. Take off your blinders the facts are definitely out there. Samsung and James make a great team now that I think of it. James is doing for the Heat what Samsung has done for Android, increase the win. No matter how much you win there's going to be people who dislike you though. That's evident.

I don't get the hate for Samsung on this. I don't get the hate for an app that's not mandatory to install, either. But, what do I know?

+1000. Your comment

If people don't like an app then they should not install it. I personally have no interest in the app, but for those that like Lebron, and have a Samsung phone, then it's a great option to have.

I didn't realize that i can only hate an app if I'm forced to install it. Thanks for clearing that up

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This article started off well and informative...until it rolled the red carpet out for all the haters. Smh. It's just an app. LeBron has fans...they will download it. If you're not a fan...don't download it. It's a pretty simple thought process.

Samsung's Lebron commercials are actually not too bad. But this app is a little over the top lol

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