Verizon Fascinate

Merely a week after launch, Samsung has released the source code for the Verizon Fascinate. That's par for the course for Android, and any proprietary code will have been stripped out. But if you're of the tinkering sort, get your download on and let's get some custom ROMs a'cookin.' [Samsung Open Source Release Center (search for sch-i500) via Android Central Forums]


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Samsung releases Fascinate source code


It's nice to see how serious Samsung are getting with the business Androids, part of the reason why the HTC Nexus One and Desire are so popular because of the custom community and the Fascinate, Vibrant and whatever other variant they have out will be popular among hackers. I'm also interested in seeing how the Apollo works out, it's not a half bad mid range device.

Can someone explain how this works? They start with the base Android source code, then add more stuff - some of that stuff is proprietary and some of it isn't? How do they determine what's proprietary?