Nexus S SMS bug fix

If you're rocking a Nexus S and are concerned about that SMS bug that could cause you to inadvertently send a text to the wrong person if you're not paying attention, rest easy. Samsung and Google are preparing to push out an update to fix things. Makes sense that the Nexus S, Google's latest flagship phone, would be getting an update first, but we figure it'll trickle down to other phones in due time. [@GalaxySSupport via Phandroird]


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Samsung prepping Nexus S update to fix Android SMS bug


Good to hear a fix is coming - can we assume/hope that this fix would trickle down to phones not running Gingerbread? Will my Fascinate get this fix before the next Olympics?

Nexus one owner still waiting on 2.3... the coming weeks has turned into 5 weeks and counting, in true google fashion.

somehow i have a feeling this will turn into a "samsung still havent update my Galaxy S phone yet." or something of that nature.

If by "due time" you mean the galaxy S users will get it in about 18 months, you are correct! Harv, tell him what he's won!

Its not because 'you're not paying attention', its because my phone just sends it to the wrong number and tells me its in the thread that I tried to send to.. Anyway its great that they're finally getting a fix for it, its about time..

seems like samsung should be prepping a Froyo update for Galaxy S owners but i guess we've all come to the conclusion that Samsung is a lying piece of s%$T and doest give a rats ass about their customers. They obviously don't care about the bad press their getting about this either. Burn to the ground samsuck....

My Nexus S- 2 OTA's within about a month.
My Samsung Captivate.- One minor OTA that gave me nothing.

What might be a little scary here, is that Samsung seems to have a hand in the OTA's for Nexus S, where I think the perception is that Google is controlling that.

Why would Samsung need to do anything for an application that is 100% google owned?

There goes the thought that Google is pushing OTA's for their reference phones without the manufacturer getting involved.

Exactly. I don't recall HTC ever playing a part in rolling out Nexus One updates, so why should Samsung meddle with Nexus S updates?

Did any of you griping about Samsung having a hand in this ACTUALLY read the @GalaxySsupport feed on Twitter.

There are numerous replies from Samsung to various users that say:

"It's coming from Google, not the carrier"

"The update comes from Google, and it will only address the SMS issue. If we receive any more documentation, I'll fwd it along."

"I haven't been informed of what Google's doing to address that behavior, but when we hear any news we will be sure to share."

"Being a pure Google phone, no collaboration between Google and the carriers is necessary when issuing an update. "

Seems pretty clear that Google's taken ownership of the software on the Nexus S and Samsung's only involvement is general support BS.

The blog author should probably re-title this entry as Google prepping update...