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Following recent reports that Samsung is hard at work on 8 and 10-inch AMOLED panels for future handheld devices, an article in Korea's ETNews today raises the possibility of such a tablet arriving as early as January. The report claims the device will be a 10.5-inch tablet, potentially making it one of the largest in Samsung's portfolio. Earlier rumblings point to the 10-incher being positioned as a rival to Apple's iPad Air, suggesting the device might well feature a super-high resolution AMOLED panel. ETNews writes that Samsung hopes to sell around ten time as many of these new tablets as its last AMOLED-based slate, the Galaxy Tab 7.7. That device shifted just 500,000 units, the outlet reports.

If Samsung is to unveil a new 10.5-inch AMOLED tablet next month then CES 2014 would be one possible launch venue. Naturally, we'll be on the ground in Las Vegas next month to bring you full coverage of any new Android devices at the show.

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Samsung preparing 10.5-inch AMOLED tablet for next month, reports Korean press


Cutting the AMOLED sheet to 10.5" with 419.6 ppi would yield a 4k screen, so it is not outside the realm of possibility. Also, they can down-scale it to 1080p @ 5.2" for the GS5, which would reduce overall production costs because they would have higher volume. Makes sense to me.

Lol, absolutely no point in a 4K 10 inch screen. But whatever. Obviously the 4k marketing is working.

Yea 4k is not really important nor the PPI more than 300 since the human eye can't really tell the difference. If I compare my iPhone to my s3 I really so no difference apart from the rich saturation of the amoled display on the s3. Though the iPhone has a more beautiful screen even with the lower density of pixels

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I wonder how this fits in with the Note 10.1-2014.
Despite high specifications, that seemed a bit laggy and used a USB2 port, not 3.

Awesome A C

@zuhair kj
All of their articles are junk. The fact that you posted that site as a viable source destroys any ounce of credibility that you've ever owned.

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?!?!?! Why does everyone want OLED?!??! It's not true that it uses less power than LCD in most situations. It's true that it has a higher contrast ratio than LCD but who cares? I'll take the whiter whites of LCD over the blacker blacks of OLED any day. LCD is brighter than OLED. To me that's what matters the most. I want to be able to see the display well even when I'm outside on a bright sunny day.

In case you're wondering I have an OLED display now. My last phone was LCD. Why do you think Samsung, who seems to think OLEDs need to be on everything, gave the GS4 Active an LCD display?!?! Probably because it would have been stupid to create a phone with an OLED display and advertise the thing as great for the outdoors.

It makes me sad because OLED has been taking over and so many people talk about it as if it's better. The only advantage is it lets you do things like Active Notifications on the Moto X and new Droids because it only needs to power the lit pixels. If you must have that then go for it but I wish more companies would make their devices with LCD options.

Most people I know don't use their phones outside on bright sunny days. I really think it is personal preference of the colors mostly. With a good notification LED that you can customize using Lightflow or whatever it can be just as useful as active notifications.

??? Maybe it's because they're unable to use it outdoor, not because they don't want to.

A lot of people, including myself, spend a lot of time outdoors. Look at the pictures posted here in the various contests that AC hosts. Look at the pictures take when AC does a product review. The majority of pictures are taken OUTSIDE. Since I do spend a lot of time outdoors, I prefer a screen that I can see. So far Samsung just hasn't been able to provide that.


No one is forcing you to buy it. If you don't like amoled then Don't get it and stop complaining.

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Sammy wants OLED. Many, many others prefer LCD and use LCD panels. I would be willing to bet the overwhelming majority of smartphone panels are LCD. Definitely if you take Sammy out of the mix.

I prefer Amoled because I use my device for reading a lot and also in dark rooms, so the contrast is easier on my eyes. One reason manufacturers are going with it is the possibility flexible displays. As Oled technology matures, it will eventually overcome some of the concerns you have.

You need to look into this more. It may have been that way early on, but no OLED has a clear and huge advantage on LED now in the power savings department.

WHile Samsung is a huge user of OLED (it is theirs after all), most of the other manufacturers are using it in newer phones.

Motorola X? Yes
LG Flex? Yes
BlackBerry Z30? You Betcha
Nokia 1020? Yes

I think SAMOLED makes more sense on a tablet then phone as tablets rarely go outside where phones are used outside all the time. That being said I don't have any issues with the SAMOLED on my S4 and would welcome one on a tablet. Zero light bleed and inky blacks are nice. Higher contrast provides better depth too.

Using old outside has almost gone by the wayside as well. I used my Note the same places that I used to use my sgs3 and there is a huge difference. It is easily 90% as good

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Don't know what the heck you're talking about. I have a Galaxy Note 3 with Amoled screen and has good sunlight legibility.

Speaking of CES, I wonder how many of the AC staff will be hanging around for a week or two after the show...I hear another convention is in town

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Included a stylus, 300 dpi display, processor fast enough to keep touchwiz moving (unlike the note 10.1 2013), 64 gig storage, 4 gig of ram, and a big ass battery. I'd say winner winner chicken dinner.

Man I really want a 12.2 Note! 10.5 is just too close to the existing options and the just released the new Note 10.1 so I bet this rumor is BS as least as far as screen size is concerned.

Man please if you slap a 4k display on a even a decent sized tablet battery ( maybe 8000-9000 mAmps size battery with all those pixels and a quad core processor can you even imagine a good 3 hours of overall battery life samsung I bet is going to have to put a lot o moolah into optimization or battery technologies or quite possibly black magic

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I'm super excited even though there is a 99% chance I will not purchase one. Its fun watching technology fly right by me

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