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Samsung's Q3 2012 earnings report just hit and it's a big one. Net profits for the quarter were a staggering $5.98 billion ($7.4 billion operating profit), up an amazing 91-percent year-over-year. The profits were led by great sales of its latest high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) and Galaxy Note. The Korean phone manufacturer sold about 58 million handsets in the quarter, about 20 million of which were the Galaxy S3 (compare that to the 27 million iPhones Apple shipped in the quarter). The handset division of Samsung reported $5.12 billion in operating profit, which makes up about 69-percent of total profits.

Other areas of Samsung, such as the chip making and display divisions, performed worse than expectations. Earnings from the chip division dipped 28-percent to just $1.04 billion. Estimates of growth in the TV division have dropped substantially as well.

Source: Reuters; WSJ


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Samsung posts record Q3 2012 profits of $5.98 billion


iphone sales remain flat on Q3 compared to Q2. where did all those sales and profit go?? in to samsungs pocket.

"Earnings from the chip division dipped 28-percent to just $1.04 billion."

Is this a result of Apple choosing other chip makers (i.e. Toshiba) for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad going forward?

Still, that's impressive. Keep it up Sammy. Now, if only HTC could mirror that success.

Hmmm If we are going to count 27M iphones (3GS, 4, 4S, etc), should we count ALL Galaxy S models?? (I, II, III)

According to Apple's reports for Q3 2012 they had a net profit of $8.8 billion.

This means Samsung was only roughly 2 billion short of Apple's profit for that quarter.

Even more important is to consider what this means as a whole. Samsung is just one of the manufacturers of Android devices. If we look at the next profit made by those devices which carry Android(Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc) as opposed to those which carry iOS (just Apple) we clearly see that Android is a more profitable Operating System.

WoW! You guys have really made some good points.
A pretty big shift is taking place in the market.

I currently own the Samsung Droid Charge,
and am under contract until May 2013.
I look forward to how much further Samsung
pushes things with the S4!!!

All that profit and still unable to produce a product with a decent signal or reception on VZW. It's too bad because they have such cool looking features and I'm tempted every time they put something else out. Then I read all the blogs and nothing but issues (for the most part) on VZW.

I can't speak for everyone, but I have not had a single issue with obtaining a signal on VZW with my S3. Maybe area has something to do with it?

And before anybody bashes what I said, let me clarify. I actually steer all my friends that are on GSM networks towards Sammy. But having been burnt too many times myself, and watching other people on VZW switch to Apple because they thought all Android phones were like that. I waqnt to see Sammy put out a good product on VZW, I would buy one in a sec, but until then no thanks. I am not ignorant enough to realize there aren't a few diamonds in the rough. A very few people I know havent had any issues with theirs, I was talking in an overall picture.

Mercdroid, I completely agree with you. It wouldnt shock me that area could have something to do with it. But for some reason that doesn't make sense when I go back and think of it. I would think it has to have something to do with the hardware itself. Just like the GNex, certain builds had great luck, but most with that other firmware had nothing but issues.

The radio in Gnex on VZW is just bad even by Samsung standard. It's mainly due to POS 3G modem chip from Via. But that's an exception and not all their phone is like that. GS3 gets much better reception and it holds connection pretty reliably. Even Motorola, the king of radio as of late is having some reception issues with Razr M, HD.

Everyone needs to settle down! There is room for iOS and Android in the market and it's good for both camps as it pushes the other to excel. Both camps have copied the other. This is like the argument about pickup trucks (Ford or GM) or politics (Rep or Dem). People have their favorites and will defend it to the grave.

I personally choose Android and have an S3 because it fulfills my needs better. Larger screen, removable batt, wireless charging, Expandable storage (MicroSD), better flexibility and customization with Android, live wall papers, widgets, swype keyboard, alternate launchers to name a few.

BTW: I'm on VZN and my S3 works great! No signal issues and the 4G is incredible. Out company also has about 10 GNEX phones and no issues...