Sales are up, and we haven't even counted the Galaxy S4 yet -- look for Samsung to have another record quarter come July

I'm no financial wizard, but I know big numbers when i see them. And Samsung, as expected, is turning them out. They've just posted their Q1 2013 earnings, and the big news is that they have turned in net profits of 7.15 Trillion Won (that's 6.4 Billion US dollars), with total sales of 52.9 Trillion Won, up from 45.3 Trillion last quarter.

Phones make up a big portion of these numbers. About $358 Billion worth, though it's worth noting that not all the phones sold are Android-powered, or even smart phones. The Mobile unit's operating profit was 6.51 Trillion Won on the back of 68 million units. And they expect things to get even better in Q2, suggesting that Samsung will ship 78 Million handsets out of their mobile division. I have a feeling millions of them will be the Galaxy S4

You Wall Street types will want to check out the links below for the big picture, while the rest of us try to wrap our heads around these numbers. 

Source: Bloomberg. More: Samsung's earning s release (pdf)


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Samsung posts Q1 earnings, show $6,400,000,000 profit


i wish HTC and Motorola make some profit too. not just samsung.
HTC one anf motorola X phone might turn things around

Agreed. I usually let Andrew Martonik do the financial stuff, because he's some sort of wizard. I just had to try this one, because the big shiny numbers fascinated me LOL.

Jerry, you shouldn't even try. Somewhere in one paragraph, you managed to put some 358 Billion Dollars sales in phones. That's the money US Gov spends on Medicare a year.

I think a lot of people will be disappointed in Samsung if the Galaxy S4 doesn't sell as well as people hope. If this is the case, it would probably be due to the HTC One taking some of Samsung's market share.

In the UK alone, the SGS4 had up to 3 to 4 times the pre-orders I remember reading. So I'm sure it's going to sell well, specially to those that have a new contract renewal that will skip out on the iphone.

I'm thinking of getting both the SGS4 and HTC One.

Due to pre-order demand, retail availability has been pushed back for the S4, and there are rumors about shortages of the S4 already. So, the S4 is already selling well from everything I am reading.

The One unless marketed properly by HTC would not take away from the GS4 glory, at least not outside of the tech world. Remember the video, those who chose the HTC didn´t know what it was. It looks nice, but they didn't know what it was. HTC needs to up their game on the marketing..

who makes the most money honestly doesn't matter, what is most important is that we have not been cheated and get our money worth.

Samsung deserves much respect for what they have done for the android platform. I have owned the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and now the Galaxy Note 2. Honestly nobody beats Samsung plain and simple. It's the Galaxy Note 3 for me.

Great for Samsung. That's not even taking the S4 into consideration. And the note 3 is also highly anticipated. For those who wish that Samsung is going to slow down, I feel bad for you. Actually I don't :)

Not that I doubt the S4 going gangbusters, but Apple said the same thing about the iPhone 5.

What's that old saying?

It's takes money to make money.

Does Samsung have 250 billion US dollars to spare?
They can completely buy out Verizon Wireless or
AT&T Wireless.

Oh please, the sum total of people that use custom ROMs or such like on a daily basis is about 100,000. If it was millions XDA would be one of the biggest websites in the world. Hint.. It isnt.

Besides it will get developer support, absolutely loads of it. Even IF it had no Cyanogen support it wouldnt be significant. 1 Million people have downloaded a cyanogen ROM, but how many use it daily? Across how many phones, over how many years? Its insignificant and less than 1 day of Android sales.

We will see. Samsung was second rate before they partnered up with the CM team and agreed to give them devices to work on. Now with not only Cm devs but other developers taking a stand against them and refusing to buy Samsung devices it will be interesting to see what happens over the next 12 months. Will it effect them? Maybe, maybe not. we will see. Dont get me wrong. I am sure plenty of people will love the so called features of the Galaxy S3s (lol) and things will be great for stock based roms. I am just interested to see the out come.

Who gives a flying F- about developers? I am not saying that I think they are bad. I know they are really good. But like again, nobody (common folks) doesn't care a damn about developers.

Talk as much as you want, it won't make even 0.1% difference in Samsung's balance sheet.

Haha, I understand what you are saying (even though you worded it terribly), but if it wasn't for those devs, you would own an iPhone. Next time aim for a comment that doesn't make you sound like an ungrateful A- hole.

Its not like HTC make it easy either. All the locked bootloader, S-On and encrypted partition crap makes it a nightmare on HTC. Their source code release for the One was borked and need a lot of fixing.

Even if Samsung back away from the dev community a bit they still wont give us that BS to deal with.

Your right. They dont make it easy, but hey it is not supposed to be easy to mess with the OS of your device. HTC was once backed by the developers and they were the best around. Then they moved away from Developer support and looked what happened to them. They are hardly staying afloat. Now it is well known that these OEMs watch the dev community and use some of the fixes that they come up with. Hell the TW toggles came right from the CM team. All I am saying is it will be interesting to see what happens. You can believe what you wish. I have been around long enough to see the direct link to Developer support and OEM success. Maybe have a decade of watching you will as well. But then maybe not. Oh and it is not just one team. It is many.

One team of people not doing custom firmware for a phone will NOT stop developers as a whole from supporting it. This would be like saying that people who immigrated from Russia to the USA between 1952 and 1955 may be upset with a new policy will somehow make a lot of people unhappy with that policy. The reality is that the S4 is a great device across the board. The Gorilla Glass 3 will also make it very durable for people who don't drop their phone and are actually careful with it.

Keep in mind that Samsung doesn't only sell phones - it's the largest company in South Korea, & their electronics division (which includes cell phones) would probably be the biggest electronics company in the world (in terms of revenue) if it was a standalone company.

It is basically a standalone company and these profits reported are only for Samsung Electronics, not the rest of Samsung.

I haven't read their proxy. But just as a norm of mine, I never trust a proxy.
I don't know laws for proxies there in S.Korea but if it's like in U.S.; proxies and not audited. That could mean several things and one being that the information is not accurate.
I'll see if I get a chance to read it. In the meantime that's where I stand.

i just dont get it. how is the galaxy doing so well. personally i hate the galaxy line. (im not an iphone) i hate touch wiz, and i hate the plastic. i had the original galaxy (fascinate) and it was great at the time and really light but it felt like a toy. these are lighter and plastic-ier. i just dont see the appeal.

btw. im not denying its hardware its good