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A Japanese judge has ruled that Samsung did not violate an Apple patent on "synchronizing music and video data in devices to servers," Bloomberg reported this morning.

While that victory is sure to be heralded by most (if not all) who are reading this story on this site, it's important to remember that this case is separate from the one Samsung recently split in Korea, as well as the $1.049 billion verdict against it in U.S. federal court a week ago.

This synchronization lawsuit was initiated by Apple in Japan, and claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy SII (S2) and Galaxy Tab infringed on its patent, noted above. Apple was seeking 100 million yen ($1,273,400 USD) in the case, which eventually ruled in favor of Samsung, who did not have to pay any damages. The damages seem quite low in comparison to what Apple was just awarded in its U.S. lawsuit victory, but it should be noted that only 5.7 percent of Apple's sales came from Japan last quarter, which is far less than the sales numbers each company posts in the U.S. market. Regardless of the size of the possible damages, it's still a victory for Samsung over a rival's patent holdings.

We hope, but seriously doubt, that this'll be the last we hear about Samsung and Apple fighting in the courts.

Source: Bloomberg


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Japanese judge rules Samsung didn't infringe on Apple music/video sync patent


Funny how Apple's having mixed-to-poor results trying to sue Samsung out of the marketplace with their bogus patents on generic concepts around the world, huh? It's almost as if a biased judge and an idiotic jury rushing to get done for the weekend collaborated to strike a blow against the Yellow Korean Menace in favor of the home team. Wait, it's EXACTLY as if.

I was already annoyed that Apple's patent trolling had broken live wallpaper scrolling on my GS2E4GT, but this latest traveshamockery of justice really tore it. Unable to innovate anymore and reduced to copying two-year-old Android stuff, they've chosen to exploit our broken patent system to prop up their bloated, overpriced, arrogant outfit rather than come up with a good idea people will want more. When you're trying to win by removing consumer choice, you're admitting the idea well has run dry.

The only FRAND patents for LTE are the ones that were bought up for the Nortel auction Apple & Microsoft were so eager to keep Google out of. Samsung's are proprietary if I'm remembering correctly. So you may get your wish. Getting a US court to side against the poison fruit is another matter altogether.

As far as the fact apple won in the US lawsuit.I just wonder how many lawsuits apple would win if they moved the trials somewhere other then California.Somewhere where the juries were not apple employees,right now the trials are just down the road from apple HQ.I bet you would see a big difference as to how many lawsuits apple would win here as well.

As long this case in the USA Apple will win, take the same case out of the USA and Apple run out their luck.

As an American, I am ashamed of this ruling. What a travesty our justice system is. A guy like this can destroy 12 Billion Dollars of capitalization in a company. If people think this is great with an American company beating a foreign company, think how many retirees or other people have Samsung stock in their mutual funds.

The idea of an "American" company is a joke anyway. All of Apple computers, phones, etc., are assembled outside of the USA, and Apple has Billions of dollars offshore that it won't repatriate because they want to avoid taxes.

At least one thing this tool said that was right was that the Android OS itself clearly did not infringe on iOS.

I love how they just go country to country looking for loopholes in the associated countries patent laws. Funny how the same lawsuit never happens in every country. Why aren't they going for there patented rounded corners suit in Japan?

"only 5.7 percent of Apple's sales came from Japan last quarter"

well thank god somewhere in the world people aren't hypnotized by shitty electronics in pretty shiny boxes!!