Looking for an easier way to monitor your vitals while cycling? Samsung may prove it has the answer soon, as the manufacturer has announced that it is partnering with Trek bicycles to see how its products can enhance the cycling experience of riders.

The collaboration sees Samsung outfitting the Trek Factory Racing Team with the Galaxy S5, wearable devices that include the Gear, Gear 2 and Gear Fit and tablets to enhance their training regime for upcoming races like the Tour de France. The range of Samsung devices will aid the team in not only monitoring their health during training, but also during strategizing and planning in-race routes.

Samsung's goal with the endeavor is to identify cycling-focused features that the manufacturer can then integrate in its future products.

What gadgets do normally you use when you're cycling?


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Samsung partners with Trek bicycles to augment cyclists' rides


Good luck with that. My Gear 2 paired with my S5 is always off by 5 miles or so when compared to my Strava and Map my ride apps.

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Garmin 810 is a simple set it and forget it and offers turn by turn. If I'm riding I want my phone separate and fully charge for phone calls or emergency when needed and not burning lots of juice trying to navigate and keep up with my speed and Bluetooth heart rate.

I use a BLE heart rate monitor and my phone running Strava.
would love to integrate a power meter but those cost $$$

I use a Garmin Edge 705 and upload the data to Strava and Garmin training centre. Works flawlessly with the garmin heart rate monitor and cadence sensor. I'm not really looking to replicate that using a smartphone or smartwatch.

I use a Garmin Edge 510 with a cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. It pairs with a phone over Bluetooth to upload rides or for live tracking. Much of my riding takes me places with little to no cell service so a smartphone app is a no go for me. I'm already a full on bike dork when I go out for rides: I don't need a smartphone attached to my handlebars to push it to the extreme.

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I think it is a good idea as so many people are getting on the band wagon with this why not Samsung. You asked what I or what do we use when we ride. i use the basics because i am a serious rider and don't want anything to impede or take away from the safety while riding which to me is the most important. I take my phone that stays under my seat bag and except a wireless computer and plenty of hydration, I do use my iPod and that's it. Sounds interesting about Samsung though, Thank you for writing the article.