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Longtime Olympic sponsor Samsung has announced that it has extended its partnership with the IOC through to the 2020 Olympic Games. The move, confirmed at a signing ceremony in Nanjing, China today, will see the Korean electronics giant sponsoring the 2018 Winter Games and 2020 Summer Games in the "Wireless Communications Equipment and Computing Equipment" category.

Today's press release reveals that smartphones and tablets will continue to play a prominent role in Samsung's Olympic partnership.

Samsung will officially sponsor the Olympic Games through the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the "Wireless Communications Equipment and Computing Equipment" category. This expanded product category includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers and other computing equipment, and desktop printers.

... And that means we'll continue to see Samsung-made mobile gadgets given prominence at the Olympics through until the end of the decade. Recent Olympic tie-ins include the Galaxy Note 3 becoming the official phone of the Sochi Winter Games, and the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note appearing during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Games.

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Samsung Olympic partnership extended through 2020


Hey, you never know what could happen, we could end up billionaires in cheese commodities or something lol

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