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The Samsung GamePad beats Half-Life 3 to market

We've already had our hands all over the Samsung GamePad at IFA2103, and we've been hearing about it since the launch of the Galaxy S4 some 10 months or so ago, but Samsung has made it official today.

The GamePad will launch in European markets for Android phones between 4-inches and 6.3-inches, and be compatible with devices running Jelly Bean or higher with Bluetooth 3.0. Special attention has been made to Samsung phones of course, and we're told the "most convenient features optimized for Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 4.3 such as Galaxy Note 3, S4, Note II, and S III enable easy connectivity with GamePad via NFC tag and quicker access to games via the “PLAY” button."

The mobile app to control the GamePad is available in the Samsung app store, and the unit itself currently available in select European markets, with new markets being released in the coming weeks. There is no word on US availability dates, or pricing.

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Samsung officially announces GamePad availability in parts of Europe


Looks kind of odd to say the least. If it would come out in the us, I might check it out.

Posted via Android Central App on my Moto X

Please get Alex to review this..!
My S3 is a year old and I don't plan on getting another device anytime within the next two years. This device is exactly what I was waiting for Samsung to make.
From the guy with the "Samsung phone", aka Android Device.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!

I've moga pro if I wanted this it would have to be better than moga and cheaper which I can't see,n also game compatible is the no1 thing does it connect to more games?

Posted via Android Central App

It was queens old English Yorkshire it will not spell check! M8

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No d pad?.... And a little late I've had the moga pro and the moga power looks great... This will probably be priced too high and I don't know about the design not to mention compatibility maybe limited...I'll wait for reviews

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S4 hasn't been out for 10 months. April 27th is a little less than 8 months (7 1/2)

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Yeah, that's about 150 US dollars. I'm sure, the price will come down, at some point.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

So at least samsung is letting this play with Android and not just samsung stuff but i feel that Samsung crippling it when used with something other than a Samsung phone sucks ass. That will be the reason i am not getting one. The Moga is FULLY compatible and no BS gimmick crap. Thanks Sammy, wont be buying this either.

No d-pad no sell. Have had my moga pro hero for a week or so and love it. The only feature I think sounds cool is NFC pairing. Pairing the moga can be a bitch. NFC shouldn't be limited to just Samsung phones, most android phones support it.

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Damn! They beat Half Life 3!!

It actually looks similar to the Steam OS controller.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I'm tired of hearing about all this bullshit Samsung is coming out with and I am still on 4.1.2 on my Note 2 that should have been upgraded FIRST before the s3 or s4. I don't care who is at fault Samsung or at&t the fact is my note 2 isn't upgraded yet. I spit on this and every other article about Samsung until they update my phone. Sincerely, fed up, irrate, bought my phone out of pocket, never again user.

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Should have known better than to go with AT&T. The update problem is AT&T's responsibility not Samsung's and I have the Galaxy Note 2 as well. But I'm been using Android 4.3 for some time. All you have to do is get Samsung Kies downloaded to your PC to run an update. I'm with Sprint and didn't know Android 4.1.2 was even on 1st release Galaxy Note 2 phones. Complain to AT&T where it will do you some good. Because Samsung has no responsibility to do more than what the carrier allows them to do! ......and for God's sake grow the F*** up or go buy an CrApple device next time!!!

No, they time travelled to find this out. Half life 3 isn't out in 2103

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Yeah but the article clearly states it was 10 months ago so


Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Bigfoot will be found real and become a celebrity before Half Life 3 comes out.

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