Samsung Moment

The Samsung Moment is set to receive a minor OTA maintenance update that actually started yesterday and will be rolled out over the coming weeks. 

The update will bring three improvements:

  • Fixes the airplane mode issues
  • Fixes the Skyfire browser power cycle issue
  • Adds a Select All option to Bulk Bluetooth contact push

So be on the lookout for the OTA, Moment users. Here is the newest version you should have once the update is complete: S:M900.8.OS.DI06. [Sprint] Thanks, Kyle!


Reader comments

Samsung Moment receives small maintenance update


Still no data lock up fix! Stupid beta phone. I hope all the galaxy s owners enjoy the benefits of me beta testing their phones.

The moment is a good solid phone my buddy Gary has one all hacked up. Overclocked just as fast as my rooted froyo ocd dinc

Thanks for the tip credit! :D

And for anyone who's got the Moment and installed this update: did you have any weird issues with it? I got the update, I chose to install and the phone rebooted and went into whatever mode it goes into in order to install firmware...and it froze. For almost 50 min. I let it sit while I went to a meeting, came back and nothing had changed.

I pulled out the battery figuring I'd bricked my phone, put it back in, powered on and the update immediately installed in less than 10 seconds.

yeah, mine did the exact same thing. i downloaded the update and told it to install. it went to the install screen and just sat there. no progress bar or anything. i let it sit for about 20 minutes and then pulled the battery. as soon as i powered back on the update applied in about 10 seconds and the phone booted back up just fine.

My battery life seems to be EXTREMELY improved after this update, too. I was barely getting 6 hours before it'd be in the yellow and last, I got 9.5 before I dropped to 50%.

Mine installed without a hitch. It's about time something went right with this phone. I refuse to downgrade to the intercept.

Yeah same here, must have taken like 10 seconds and then it just reset. Just the other day I was saying how sad it was that they never fixed the radio lock problem.

You will not believe how many times this phone goes into Airplane mode randomly. It's been a lot less frequent lately. But this used to happen everyday, and I missed important calls and text. And you have to restart the phone to take it out of Airplane mode.

just to let people know, there will be no froyo update for this phone, unless it comes out of sdx-developers. that would be quite something!

ill probably get this update later. ill wait for it to be included in the popular roms :P

I think all the ROM chefs are waiting for the Intercept to get Froyo. From what I understand that would make a froyo ROM for the Moment much easier to cook up.

I have a love/hate relationship with my moment. I've had it replaced 3 times from sprint and flashed a bunch before I said screw you sprint and rooted it. I still hate the phone because thebattery dies so quick and its the most laggy phone iver ever had. /rant...for now

It's insane how laggy this phone is. I have to think it's because of the 256MB RAM...the 800MHz processor certainly isn't holding it back. But's brutal.

I've just did the update. Didn't take more than 2 minutes. Rebooted back without any hitch. I really wish Sprint would tackle battery life, data lockups, & extended battery would be nice from Samsung. However, Samsung & Sprint has earned my permanent ire by not giving us FROYO! This will be the last Samsung Phone I buy. I'll give HTC a try next time.

It's not Samsung's fault. Sprint just wanted people to buy new phones instead of sticking with the Moment. Same reason the Hero didn't get updated. We've come along way though, all the way from 1.5.

The update went smoothly but now randomly it quits locking the screen and I can't get it to lock unless I turn it off and then on again.

If I rooted my Moment(SDX MeatKernel v2) is it safe to install the Sprint Moment update?? If not, can I disable the nagging screen that keeps popping up?