Samsung Moment

There was another Samsung slider on Sprint, long before anyone ever heard of the Epic 4G -- the Samsung Moment.  It had pretty good hardware for it's day, with an AMOLED screen and an 800 MHz CPU, but the software left a little to be desired.  Officially, it was updated to Android 2.1 and Sprint and Samsung were done with it.

But not everyone gave up on the Moment, and despite some pretty serious software bugs, it still has a thriving development community.  And now they have succeeded in putting Froyo on it, basically from scratch.  Using the Acclaim R880 and Intercept kernel sources and software, the only serious bug left to overcome seems to be the GPS.  At this point, an unreliable GPS has got to be better than toggling airplane mode 10 times a day, so if you're still rocking the Moment, you owe it to yourself to at least have a look at the source link.

This is a testament to the flexibility of Android, and the dedication of a handful of people.  My hats off to each and every person involved  Without you guys the Moment would have been doomed with a buggy, but official, Android 2.1 install forever.  [SDX Developers] Thanks Hugabu for the heads up!


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Samsung Moment gets its own Froyo port


That phone sucked elephant penis.

It would randomly go in airplane mode and the only way to turn it off is to reboot. So that whole time it was in airplane mode, you probably missed a bunch of calls, text, etc. GPS sucked, had data lockups, and was just laggy. The phone also used to freeze when getting calls...a "phone" couldn't even work as one.

And everyone is talking about Gingerbread on their phones and this is finally getting Froyo. lol.

I miss the screen on that pos. Sprint eventually switched it out for the Intercept. At least my data works now!

I've had the Moment for about 13 months now. I agree that it is pretty bad and I probably will upgrade within the next month or so.

I will give Samsung and Sprint some credit though. They pushed a maintenance update back in October or so that *mostly* ended the data lockup and airplane mode issues for me. I used to have to reboot at least once a day and sometimes several times a day (and it takes at least 5 minutes to reboot). Now I can usually go weeks at a time without data lockup. For most people with the Moment, this update is probably a case of too little too late and I can understand that. However, I don't see much said in the online forums about this last maintenance update, and for me it really has made a big difference in the data lockup / airplane mode issue which was the worst fault with the phone.

But still, there are occasional random reboots and the overall "laggyness" and "buggyness" of the device drives me insane. Especially so since my wife got an Epic 4G and I see how much better an Android phone can be.

Actually that last update did stop most of the lockups and airplane mode issues.

But it was too late for me and gots me an Evo!! Same with my mom, she hated Android and wanted an Iphone when she had the Moment. Then she also got an Evo and now she doesn't understand why someone would want an Iphone. Lmao.

Does the Captivate have to be the last Samsung phone to be upgraded??? Let's upgrade every phone that Samsung ever created before we update the Captivate! :-(

The GPS doesn't really work that well on the stock rom anyway, so I don't think there's anything to lose. I'll be updating my wife's phone now. Maybe we can get another 6 months out of it before upgrading her again.

i had this running on my moment for a few weeks and it actually made the phone much more tolerable to use. i ended up getting an evo shift last week though, so my moment is no longer in use.

I used to love samsung phones. Until i owned a moment for 7 months. Now ill never buy another one.