Samsung Media Hub

Samsung tonight in New York unveiled its Media Hub service, which will bring movies and television to its high-end devices, as well as PCs.

Content partnerships include MTV, MBC, Paramount and the WB, for starters, and television shows will be available next-day. Samsung is stressing seamless integration, and shows will be available for viewing as they're downloading to the device.

We're still waiting to hear pricing, so stay tuned.


Reader comments

Samsung Media Hub bringing movies, next-day television to Samsung devices


So when does the Vibrant get this update? In 2.2? And does billing get handled by Samsung or to your bill?

Cool get to pay for tv shows I already paid for on satellite tv.

How about if you subscribe to that channel you get it for free.

Ah, so many questions, and just another reason for people to harrass
others about release dates, I should know.. me and my captivate
may be among the harrasers.. fun stuff!

Just clicked on it on my kids epic 4g and their charging $10 a movie or even the spongebob disc, or rent for $2.99 it does look incredible but way over priced.

Wow really? The other devices have been out much longer, have a broken GPS, and now no Media hub? Samsung better not make this erratic garbage with the tab.. regardless why do we need this? Anyone still kind of PLEADING Netflix for an app? Really they did this with the 360, release it for a specific system then put it on their competitors platform.

Cool but way overpriced....I have to pay $12.99 for to watch a movie on my phone. Ridiculous. It seems that only some of the oldest movies even allow you the option to rent. I would pay up to $5-6 to own a movie on my phone. $2 to rent. Maybe this pricing makes sense to others but definitely is way to high for me to watch a movie on a small AMOLED screen.

We should consider the extra (labor) cost involved in converting a movie or TV show into a format supported by phones and tablets. Then there are licensing and royalty fees.

FWIW, PS3 charges about $4.99 to rent and $19.99 to own an HD movie. With that in mind, this pricing seems reasonable to me. Just depends on how bad you want to watch TV and movies on your phone or tab.

You could just setup a PC with a tuner card and your DVR software of choice, then convert the video yourself.

I'm taking this with a grain of salt until we see solid pricing for Google TV.

On a side note, I was hoping Sammy's media hub was going to be similar to the hardware hub HTC announced. That would be a bigger selling point for me. I think I'm going to hold out until HTC's tab hits the market next year. Then make my decision.