Samsung event in NYC

We're here in New York City for tonight's Samsung Galaxy S event. Join Phil and Dieter starting around 6 p.m. EDT as we bring you the latest from the platform that spans all the major U.S. carriers.


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Live from the Samsung Galaxy S event


really want the Epic 4G to replace my Samsung Moment (it stinks after getting the 2.1 update). Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade when it comes out.

I'm thinking you didn't do the 2.1 update right. I did my brother's 2.1 update for him and his Moment ran a lot smoother after the update. Of course I followed the instructions to a tee which included turning off all firewalls on his computer.

Damnit man. For someone who lives in NY, I never hear about these events. I better step my game up. Anyone know any good sites to get info about upcoming Events and such?

Please tell me I did miss checking this site for shows? lol Wow, I may as well sleep at the wheel. Were still on 2.1 on the EVO right? lol. I will go check the forums now, thanks for the heads up Andrew!

Need to know if the battery life, camera quality, and camcorder quality are better than the EVO. Also, how much better that Hummingbird processor is than the Snapdragon.

Samsungs Galaxy S site now has a new look with all the different variations of the phone. I'm liking the look of the Fascinate.

Need to know if the battery life, camera quality, and camcorder quality are better than the EVO. Also, how much better that Hummingbird processor is than the Snapdragon. Plus availability and pricing of the Epic.

That's what we all want to know. Phil and Dieter will tweet out all the details as they get them in the big black box above lol.

Lol, yea I made this comment in the forums too. That's an interesting form factor to choose... to say the least.

Samsung has said that every Galaxy S will be getting a Froyo update. So far we've heard from Sprint, who said very soon.

My point was more to the fact that AT&T hasn't show any indications that this phone will come out in a timely matter. T-mobile is releasing there's July 21st and I am sure Sprint and Verizon won't be far behind. But it wouldn't surprise me to see AT&T wait until August or September before their release.

haven't abandoned y'all. things seem pretty hectic and noisy in NYC. Count on getting some news and first impressions soon.

Has anyone at AC been able to ask any Samsung people what the support will look like beyond FroYo? As much as I despise Apple and want to get rid of my 3GS I will give them props for long term software support. Other manufacturers need to start realizing that they can't just dump out a handful of devices and forget about them. These aren't "dumbphones" anymore. Constant updates and support need to be maintained for the life of the phone or at the very least the life of the contract that a person signs with a carrier.

double edged sword.

To a manufacturer, support = making sure all advertised features stay working.

To a cell phone geek, support = updates to the latest and greatest ASAP.

Passed your Q on to the guys, if they get a chance for some Q&A with Sammy they'll bring up support for sure.

My guess is that this mostly depends on the life span of the device for Samsung. A samsung phone's lifespan is pretty short. The Samsung Blade was quickly upgraded to the 900M. The instinct to the S30, the Moment getting an upgraded this July to the Moment II.

OK guys, Phil has all your questions, as well as about a million and a half from Twitter. He says look for new news in just a bit on the front page.