Samsung to let you play games and Skype on its latest Smart TVs

Samsung has announced that it will be showing off new content for its Smart TVs at the IFA show in Berlin next month. The company will be debuting a number of game titles as well as Skype video chat with HD support and group chat. How the move will affect Google's Android TV efforts announced earlier this year is still unclear, but for casual gamers Samsung's move may appease minimalists who don't want to connect another box or tablet or phone to their living room setup.

Though the move may negate the need to connect your phone or tablet to a Samsung HDTV to get your gaming groove on, you still can use Samsung's Galaxy devices as a game controller as well as the company's Gamepad and Smart Control.

The game titles that will debut on Samsung Smart TV Games Panel include:

  • Need for Speed Most Wanted – one of the most popular racing games on the market, released by EA, and boasts fast speed, crisp graphics and true-to-life scenarios.

  • Real Football 2014 – a football simulation game from Gameloft, featuring improved graphics and animations, while offering users the ability to create, play and manage football players and teams.

  • Golf Star – a true-to-life golf experience from Com2us that features realistic graphics, techniques from golf pros and a simulation powered by real physics-based gameplay.

Is Samsung's Smart TV's new content enough to make you want to skip a casual game box or even Android TV in your living room? Hardcore gamers who use a Playstation or Xbox will likely still want to keep those consoles plugged into Samsung's new TVs though.

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Samsung to let you play games and Skype on its latest Smart TVs


If you dont mind me asking, should AC be reporting on non Android products by Samsung. I have a s4 but I'm just wondering why this is being reported on a Android site. As for how it effects Android TV, I guess if it actually works well then there who buy a Samsung TV won't be looking for a box like roku, Android TV etc if the tv "out the box" works well already. Personally I'm waiting for android TV, I've learnt with my LG "smart" TV it's hopeless relying on TV's getting longterm support. I would rather just have my TV be a dumb screen and have a cheap box like Android TV which is likely to get updates on a more regular basis and if you have to get a new box to get new features you don't to buy a whole new TV. My TV still has the old YouTube ui, old Netflix ui, if LG think I'm going to be getting a new TV just so I can have the new YouTube and Netflix tv ui they are mad. I'm just waiting for android TV so it can replace the useless "smart" TV ui on my TV. I hope Android TV has a pass through too so I don't have to ever leave the Android TV ui to watch regular TV.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

There is a lot of bleed over between Samsung and Android. Not only are they the biggest OEM, SmartTV is linux based as is Android. I understand what you are saying, and that is the best I can come up with

Omg samsung smart tvs are android based.. just because its samsung you don't have to hate..

Posted via Android Central App

Lol I have a galaxy s4, my next phone is likely to be another Samsung. Also know Samsung smart TV's are not Android based. I was just asking is a Samsung TV that doesn't use Android in anyway really something ac should be writing about.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Actually, it is relevant... because the article seems to be giving you an "alternative". It's no different from AC reporting on the HTC One M8 for Windows... It's always good to be aware of all options that are available..

that's what I'll be doing in the future is just buying a plian TV, then getting an Android TV set top box. This is the best combination for those that actually want updates. Having something built into your TV thats supposedly smart, usually doesn't get long term updates. Android TV will fix that.

I'd love to do that, but it's hard finding a big screen TV that isn't "smart"

Posted via Android Central App

I think any TV now will have built in "smart" things and basic apps like Netflix and YouTube and a browser, even the budgets one. I hope in most start to use Android TV instead and if they don't and they have there own rubbish ui then Android TV it is for me anyways. I just hope it's out soon, using the old YouTube app on my TV is just a terrible experience. Slow, laggy, missing basic features, no way to forward or anything lol. You know they are not going to update it ever, why would they when they can sell you a new TV with the new YouTube app for only £700

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Agree 100%, who really cares what "features" they are adding to this years TV range. Unless it's made available for all their previous smart TVs then it's pointless. If you are buying a new TV most of these things are nice to have, but don't base the purchase on these secondary items as they will be out of date before long.

The worst thing is that Sammy doesn't even use their success in multiple segments to their advantage - I cannot use my phone with my TV (it's only on "select" high-end models). They just don't make it worthwhile for anyone to buy all Sammy kit

Geeks are such a small percentage of the market..
Samsung..(Like T-Mobile) is simply Dominating right now.. and cannot be stopped..
When they bombard the networks with commercials of this new jewel for the Holidays they'll sell a ton.
T-Mobile.. FOREVER & All Hail Samsung and Apple for simply Dominating everyone else.

You mean "like Verizon"

Unless you think numbers are liars. Just because they're projected to take over a hemmoraghing Sprint doesn't make them the Golden Standard of carriers. I mean, seriously... Even if everyone on AC knew T-Mobile was the best and we all agreed on it we convinced 5 people each without them telling a friend then us as a closed community in our little culdesac of comments could PROBABLY take over Sprint by pushing T-Mobile. But as for Verizon or AT&T? That's like only owning Boardwalk in Monopoly and dancing around saying you won when everyone else has Hotels on their properties.

Posted via the Android Central App

I feel so sorry for you...
Tell yourself whatever you must to make yourself happy.
What T-Mobile has done in 2014 needs no defending.. The "Un-Carrier" has raised the bar..
That's A Fact.
T-Mobile w 4G LTE @ only $30.00 a Month... FOREVER..

You both presented two different versions of dominating. While T-Mobile added the most new customers, Verizon and AT&T both have far more subscribers than T-Mobile.

Posted via Android Central App

Again Samsung.... Way To Go.. Looks Like Yet Another *Homerun* Product.
As an LG Phone & Tablet owner,
My hat still goes off to Samsung, Apple & T-Mobile for setting the bar so very, very high.
T-Mobile 4G LTE @ $30.00 a Month.. FOREVER.

My 3 thousand dollar Samsung Smart Tv cracked right when I was looking at it. Samsung people came out and said, "Oh someone threw something at it."

Never buying a TV from Samsung again.

Posted via Android Central App-

Via HTC One

Skype is definitely something that is way overdue on big screen tvs! That would be an awesome thing to be able to do!

Posted via the Android Central App

Some Panasonic TVs have had Skype capability for awhile. You just had to buy a special camera that sat atop the set.

Just wait for the 16core processor and 32 gigs of ram to come out with it so that we do not experience that touchwiz lag. Haha

Posted via Android Central App

My 2013 Samsung Smart TV has a dual-core processor and is really snappy. The UI is way better than Touchwiz. They need to get the mobile UI guys to talk to the TV UI folks.

Would be tight if you could Skype while playing a console. I understand voip is withing modern consoles but not so much live video chatting.

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The update policy for smart TVs is even worse than for smartphones. I really wouldn't count on further updates for new services/apps on pretty much any TV.

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Yes and no. The software of the TV itself is not likely to get much revision. However, the TV has it's own dedicated memory with apps just like a phone or tablet. The apps do get updated from time to time independent of the firmware of the TV.

I'm pretty impressed with the apps on my Samsung TV. For instance, I can get into Netflix faster using the TV's app than any of the other fifteen ways I can access the service.

Skype is there for quite some time. If only they made it suck less, that would make me actually use it from time to time.
But my grandparents use it a lot as you can get a person you're talking to is big on a screen in a decent quality.

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I find it so funny how geeks think everything revolves around them.... and not the masses... Geeks should understand they are like Smokers.. You paint a square on the ground and tell them to go stand in it and do their thing..The masses don't really care about them..
War T-Mo 4G LTE @ Only $30.00 A Month.