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IFA 2014 We're live at Samsung Unpacked, and we have to admit we got a little excited when Samsung trotted out the new Galaxy Note 4.

We'll have more later. Keep it locked to AC for everything you want to know about Samsung's new products!


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Samsung just made the Note 4 official


What more needs to be said today. The Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge arrives and destroys any and all in it's path not to mention the Gear S.

Shut down all other events for the rest of the week. We won't even discuss the Gear VR nothing else will come close to that for a long while.

It's pretty plain and definitely simply nothing else matters period.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

It should be arrive and destroy... Not plural. And they destroy the gear s?

Definitely simply?

You are such a worthless idiot.

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Rachel Riley is making it very uncomfortable! She keeps asking questions like she has no idea what she's on about :-/

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Seriously do you need 3 people up there on stage. It's just all over the place. The girl just seems weird and makes things awkward.

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Seems like no surprises except it is taller and wider. Not sure why they did that. The leaks are getting so good that there are no surprises anymore.

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I loved it at first, but the more I see the more I feel it's not worth the upgrade from my Note 3.

It's has the nice metal surround, but the bezels look bigger than the 3. I love the slim bezels on the 3.

Also the back cover looks nicer, but the camera and heart rate monitor protrusions just look terrible.

And based on the new software included, I would guess that TW has reached a new level of bloatness. I have had AOSP on my 3 pretty much since the start, and have no interest in TW.

What do you think Richard.....

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The dumb blonde act is getting painful to watch and I would imagine is really insulting.

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I don't know why, but I'm not feeling excited about the Note 4. I don't know what happened :(

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From what I've seen of the specs it's not enough to make me jump from my Note 3 yet. I'll wait for the Note 5.

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