Samsung Intercept Froyo update

Have a Sprint Samsung Intercept and are still waiting on Android 2.2? Looks like it's just about here. In addition to the second-newest Android operating system (sorry, but we're all going to have to get used to that), you get a few bugfixes, including one for dropped calls, force closes on messages, inability to access (really!?!?), phone contacts, and TeleNav GPS has been added. And because it's Froyo, wireless tethering is available -- for an extra $29.99 a month. If the date in the Sprint Playbook is to believed, we should start seeing updates in the next day or so.


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Samsung Intercept's Froyo update may come starting Dec. 17


The Epic would certainly be nice, sometime soon. I'm craving Skype more and more as each day passes :(

Not totally surprising. The Intercept is older than the Epic.

Hopefully Epic will come soon. I am not a patient person, but I guess I'm not impatient enough to try the leaked build!

This should come as no surprise to anyone that's been following the Intercept portion of the forums. A few days ago, Sprint messed up and put 2.2 on the spec page of the Intercept, to pull it down the next day. Figured it was only a matter of a few weeks at most before the official update. And yes, not being TouchWiz it allows Samsung to finish the update earlier :)

Sweet! Bought an Intercept for my daughter for Christmas so it should have 2.2 before she gets it. (Then she'll probably rub it in that I only have 2.1 on my Epic.)

I wonder if Sprint is adding "Sprint ID" with this update.

if they can get froyo onto the intercept, they can certainly do it to the moment, but they probably wont. at the very least an official froyo release for the intercept should give the devs a nice starting point for a froyo moment rom.

So anybody think that the Transform should be following suit soon too? It was supposed to have 2.2 out of the box but then it came with 2.1 and promised 2.2 by years end. we only have 15 days left and im klinda peeved sprint hasnt gotten it out to my phone yet. I have had a sync issue with gmail and the people at the sprint store told me its a issue with the 2.1 software.

Just asked the Virgin Mobile Twitter account if the Virgin Mobile Intercept would be getting FroYo and got this response:

VirginMobileUS: Nothing to announce yet, but I'm hearing good things. More to come :)

Maybe epic was delayed so they can release os updates in order ? Lol!(kinda joking) Epic next, then transform...but both before christmas... I wonder...

Has Sprint given any guidance on when they'll release Froyo on the Epic?

I'm anxious to be only one version behind!

I sure hope this is right because I have been through 2 Intercepts, and on my 3rd one. They better fix these problems too because this phone never picks up calls nor lets me text. I hate this piece of crap! I was on the phone with someone from Sprint replacement and instead of replacing my phone with a better model, they want me to wait on the update. This update better work too, or somebody at Sprint is about to get a good old-fashioned cussing out. The Intercept looks good, but all the bugs and headaches isn't worth it. I should have gotten the EVO or waited on the Epic 4g. I was pushed by Sprint into the Intercept and have regretted it since. I hope they get the update for the Epic 4g soon too! Sprint ought to be ashamed of themselves for making people wait so long.

I am glad that the intercept is getting froyo before the epic considering that samsung seems to take precedence with their Galaxy S phones but i do believe the intercept is getting it first because its essentially stock android and the epic is touchwiz which means that it probably takes a more considerate amount of time to incorporate froyo into the touchwiz UI than stock android

-But i will be a happy android newbie today :)

This is awesome news! Can't wait to get it on my phone & kick the tires! I'm very surprised that us intercept owners got 2.2 before the newer (better) samsung models, but I'm not going to complain about it either!

Why is the Sprint "version" of the Intercept getting the update and not the Virgin Mobile "version"? This is what's frustrating about carrier control over the phones.

GREAT news! Does anyone know when / if the Virgin Mobile Intercept Froyo upgrade will be available and if it will include Flash 10.1 support?