Samsung and AT&T threw an announcement party last night in New York City for the Samsung Infuse 4G. The two mobile companies invited us out on Cinco de Mayo to enjoy some Mexican drinks and spicy foods. Oh yeah, there was guacamole there, too -- and lots of it. But along with fancy food and drinks, Samsung and AT&T officially announced the Samsung Infuse 4G. The big screened device will be available on May 15 for $199 on a new two year contract.

I got the chance to spend a few minutes with Kim Titus, Samsung's Director of Public Relations. Watch the video above to hear all about the Samsung Infuse 4G and some fun Cinco de Mayo facts.


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Samsung Infuse 4G video interview


Lame. Andrew asks 'What more could you ask for?' Everyone is screaming for the Samsung Galaxy S2 which has already been deployed in other parts of the world. That is "what more." If the May 24th announcement doesn't announce this, many will be very disappointed.

As for Kim being horrible. I completely agree. He needs some help @ Toastmasters Intl. He comes across as very "foggy" mentally.

That's bound to happen when you drink the tears of US Samsung Galaxy S customers for too long.

btw Andrew, it's great that your hanging out with Samsung and getting free drinks, but at least try and be professional and save your butt kissing and joking til after the interview is over. It would have been nice if you asked some real questions like, where is the SGS2, will the Infuse officially allow side loading of apps, and when are they going to stop screwing over their customers with updates/new phones with old software.

I agree. Enough butt-kissing and ask the real questions! I'll watch/read Samsung's press releases if I want typical corporate b.s.

I'm only getting sound out of one side...Kim does sound like he's half in the bag...nice phone though!