Samsung Infuse 4G Gingerbread

The Samsung (Galaxy S) Infuse 4G is headed to Canada, and it looks like it might do so as a Gingerbread device, and not as a mere Froyo phone, as we currently have here in the United States. Along with that, you'll get the same 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, and 1.2GHz processor, and that awesome camera. ... Know what? Read our full review. And then turn your gaze south and snicker at your American neighbors. It's OK. We know you do it anyway.

Source: Samsung Canada; Thanks, Colton!


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Samsung Infuse 4G looks to hit Canada as a Gingerbread device


Did anyone else look at this phone and think to themselves "Holy sh*t this thing is a brick!" BEAUTIFUL phone... barely able to even fit it into my pocket. Within three days I'd probably try using it as a frisby.

No but I stared in awe of its beautiful screen for thirty minutes in an AT&T store feeling envious of people with available upgrades...

I have it. It's beautiful. It's powerful. It's so thin that it doesn't feel like a gigantic monster. It fits in my pocket nicely. In fact, unless you wear girl jeans, it'll fit just nicely in your pocket. ;-)

The cool thing about this device is the fact that it will be the first phone to use the nationwide 21Mbps HSPA+ that Telus have. They already have HSPA+ usb modem it's about time phones use it too.

Eh, these days I take posters/website screenshots with a grain of salt. Half the time they turn out to be wrong o.O

The phone is not as big as you make it out to be. Its actually a very nice size and the screen is gorgeous. Plus it's a very thin phone. I'm a small guy and it works perfect for me. Best phone I've had enjoy it!!

If AT&T Gives use gingerbread and samsung provides tOuch wiz 4.0 , I'll buy it. Even if I can't get my galaxy s 2 yet.