We always thought that the I7500 in the Samsung I7500 sounded a little too complicated for regular, consumer usage--it just had to0 many digits, didn't it? Apparently, France's Bouygues Telecom thought the same. They pulled the smart move and re-named the former Samsung I7500 as the new Samsung Galaxy. Don't worry, it still packs the same goodness as the I7500, just with a much catchier name.

And for all you French folks out there, you can expect the Samsung Galaxy to hit your country in early July. This marks the first time we've ever been jealous of the French. We kid, we kid. We like Tony Parker and french fries as much as the next guy.

[via engadget]


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Samsung I7500 Renamed Samsung Galaxy, Releasing in France in July


French Fries are actually German. They were rebranded in WW2 just like people tried to rebrand them as "freedom fries" when they were mad because France admonished the US for causing a war in Afghanistan after France loaned them a large sum of money (that now the French will never be repaid).

Pretty sure that was meant for sarcasm, but anways, the Galaxy is looking to be a pretty sweet device. Hopefully Songbird will get full support for it and the other Android devices.

oh and crepe dont forget crepe its the best thing in the world
damn wont the "galaxy" be released here in dubai i would sell y soul 4 it

I had to click it a few times to get it to go, but it downloaded and installed pretty quick! Please pass this on to all frustrated G1 owners!