Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7/Galaxy Tab Note

Stories are floating around this morning lamenting Samsung having "no plans" to release the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note in the United States. Apparently we need to refresh how this works.

At European shows like IFA and Mobile World Congress, you get product announcements from the likes of Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Acer, ASUS, etc. You get some hands-on time, then we return to the U.S. and hope that one day you'll see the devices here. When the original Galaxy Tab 7 was announced at IFA in August 2010, it was done so without any specific U.S. availability (just "in coming months." Same goes for the Galaxy S II and original Galaxy Tab 10.1 at MWC 2011.

That's par for the course for these European events. Products are announced. Any U.S. availability announcements generally come later, more often than not from the U.S. carriers, which will actually sell the devices. (In the case of the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab, word came just a couple weeks later, but don't use that as a benchmark.) The U.S.-based shows are usually a little different -- you'll generally get vague timetables for American release, which are very much subject to change. (Hello, Droid Bionic.)

This is PR 101. It ain't official until it's official. So when Samsung says it has "no plans" for these latest releases, it doesn't mean you'll never see the Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab 7.7 here in the states. It just means it currently has no plans. Or, more accurately, it hasn't announced any plans. That's all.


Reader comments

Samsung has no plans to release products here that it hasn't yet announced it plans to release here


If the Tab 7.7 ever makes it through the pipeline onto Sprint, I'll pretty much die. And then go buy one. Regardless of if I have an upgrade yet or not.

I wish they wouldn't announce the product until it's ready to be launched.

Apple has found a way to announce products and give the consumer a time frame when they can expect to see the product. Usually the window from announcement to date of availability, in Apple's case, is fairly small.

Like Florida Evans say "Damn" "Damn" "Damn" guess it'll be a year before I get my hands on that galaxy note. Just gives me time to buy up some more apps.

Can't we all just get along? lol

Each manufacturer is different (or so they tell us). But it's only natural to speculate about not-yet-released-here devices. No one, manufacturer nor user, should get a tit in the wringer about these circumstances. It's the same with many products and the availability in the US, as opposed to overseas. If you really want to get worked up about something, compare the electronic devices on the Asian market to what available in the US.

I'm not sure what cellphone carriers reluctance is with these types of devices. It's a natural evolution from cellphone to tablet (as we see it now, at least).

If someone wishes to carry a tablet with them instead of a smaller-profile touch device (a cellphone) why can't that tablet have cellular capabilities? No, you wouldn't hold it up to your face (hah!) but with a bluetooth earpiece, it would be perfectly natural to have this on a desk, or in your car or at home, replacing your smaller device.

Why wouldn't Samsung want to release this in the US, where sale of its products haven't been blocked by Apple? Go ahead and plan on only releasing this in the EU, Samsung. When the courts block sales don't come looking to unload your stockpiled wares over here.

I will probably like this Note a lot. You see I am a heavy web surfer, and hardly use the phone ever. Tablets are too cumbersome to carry when I am away from home, and sometimes it is hared to enjoy reading from even a four inch screen. So, I am thinking what I really need is a smaller tablet that makes phone calls or a large phone that is easy on the eyes. So far the Photon fits that bill well. May be the Note takes it up a notch, without being too much?

If the Note doesnt hit by year's end, who'd want it? Quad cores are coming and these will be so obsolete, only a fool would want one!