It's going to be a contract-free love fest on Aug. 22 in New York City as Samsung's getting together with Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile for some "big mobile news." Not much to say beyond that -- we could be looking at just about anything here. A Galaxy S3 would be a good guess though, but Samsung's got enough phones in play that it really could be something else. Only one way to find out.


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Samsung getting together with Boost and Virgin Aug. 22 in NYC


Perhaps Sumsung is producing an S3 WiMAX variant for Boost and Virgin, since they are being allowed to use Sprint's WiMAX network while Sprint switches on LTE. A prepaid WiMAX S3 would be pretty nice.

I don't believe that Samsung makes WiMAX phones anymore(not even for the WiBro network in Korea).
I hope it's the Galaxy Nexus on Virgin.

If you're speaking in regards to the $25 Beyond Talk plan, the difference would not be any different if the phone is WiMAX or LTE(like with the EVO V, you'll have to switch plans).

Considering Virgin now has the iPhone 4S it'd be great for Virgin to also get a top tier Android device like the S3. Anything less would be a disappointment.

edited to say that a Galaxy Nexus IMHO would NOT be anything less so I'd be very cool with that.

Agreed. That makes the most sense. The major manufacturers are salivating at prepaid carriers because they can now re-release older phones to get rid of parts and product sitting around in warehouses. Brilliant.

My prediction, lower end Galaxy S III variants, Snapdragon S4, LTE, 4-4.3" Super AMOLED+ screen at either 800x480 or qHD 960x540, 1GB of RAM, 4 to 8GB of built-in storage with up to 64GB microSD expansion, $300. Sprint has already opened up the 4G gates for Boost and Virgin with WiMAX, as well as prepaid MVNO's like Ting running on their network; so it is about time the Sprint owned prepaids start running on the Sprint buildout of LTE concurrently. Plus Sprint needs to get as many people onto their carriers giving them cash as possible. A cheaper variant of the S III on their prepaids would definitely help get some more subscribers.

There are already rumors of Boost Mobile getting the S2 so I believe that will be the news coming out 22 Aug. It would make sense, prepaid usually doesn't get the newest devices anyway (like the S3) but the S2 would be a great addition to Boost/Virgin Mobile line up! It's still an awsome device and, in my opinion, would sell really well.

Yeah but an old device coming to a prepaid doesn't usually warrant a whole event. I'm pretty sure the EVO Design, EVO 3D and such didn't get their own events for when they were announced for Boost and Virgin. They just got press releases. But it could be a rebranding of an old device, or an old device in a new package, sure. I just don't think what I predicted and what some others are is out of the realm of possibility.

Good point, what you say is possible. I guess we'll see on the 22nd. It would be great if your right!

It could be more than one phone coming out. Could be a new system upgrade to WiMax or the addition of LTE roaming from Sprints LTE towers. Could be everything plus new plans. I think it'll be more than one thing.

EXACTLY!! Why hold an event just to announce you're getting last year's line?
BTW, I keep thinking my eyes are playing tricks on me but they aren't. Is anyone else bothered by "Join us FOR FOR big mobile news!"??? For for???

Perhaps they are just merging the two Pre-Paid carriers... And new price structures (Loyalty discounts?). Virgin has not yet offered a "Roll-back" price that Boost has already offered to loyal customers... And iPhone also gets a discount as well.


My hope is that they adopt or re-brand a variant of a larger screen phone like the Samsung Note I. Similar to what Virgin and Boost did with HTC EVO 3D (Virgin EVO V and Boost EVO Design.) Since the Note II is more than likely being announced on August 29 for Sprint and other carriers...

But regardless, I hope its' something "good" for pre-pay folks.

A merger would have made news already. a Sprint-owned Virgin is too young to make a move like that. I do not believe they have used their power in their respective regions even for a move like that.

Now a rebranded Note would bring down the house!

there was a rumor of the Evo 3D going to Virgin and Epic Touch going to Boost... and the Evo 3D is now on Virgin... so Epic Touch -> Boost seems all but guaranteed, no idea what Samsung has planned for Virgin.

Virgin Mobile has slashed prices on their best ICS phones by up to 20%. The price drop includes HTC One™ V and HTC EVO™ V. The reduced pricing is only available Online through Virgin Mobile USA at this time. Best Buy has not lowered their prices as-of-yet, Radio Shack has lowered the online price of the HTC EVO™ V by only $20.

This price drop, coupled with a major Samsung announcement scheduled for Wednesday August 22 can only suggest something bigger and better is on the way??? Speculation is that a CDMA variant Samsung Galaxy S II or S III is coming soon. But we don't know for sure until its announced. But the price drop can only be a sign of something good to come...

We shall see.

I don;t think that's it. They released that a while ago. I'm wondering where this event is though? It was supposed to be today.