The Samsung Gem is yet another Android device that may be making its way into the Android world by the way of Verizon Wireless. Very little, if anything has been shown about this device so far, and all we really know is that it has Touchwiz.on an unknown Android version. And as for when we may see the Gem? Intomobile says it's expected at the beginning of September, followed by the Fascinate (see our hands-on) later in the month. [via IntoMobile]


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Samsung Gem shows its face with Verizon branding


Hmm I wonder what the specs will be? My guess is this is Sammy's low-end Android phone.

It seems that Samsung is trying to unseat Motorola as the King of Android phones on VZ! Which in the end is great for the customer

I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't have the specs of the fascinate. Also, yes samsung and Motorola duking it out!!! I think it's great that android is starting to compete with each other.

That's not a samsung android phone it's a quick messaging phone, the button configuration is very similar to the mythic on att, plus there are no real signs it's android at all touch wiz doesn't have to be on android again the mythic has it, plus it has dedicated call answer and end buttons, I'm saying it's just another qmd...

I really wonder what verizon is doing, realeasing a low end samsung android before releasing what everyone has been waiting all summer for. They need to take the motorola blinders off and see this, imo, kick ass galaxy phone just sitting there waiting to get out and join the party

Agreed. I've been waiting forever on the Samsung Galazy Fascinate.
And then what, they announce this piece of crap messaging phone that no one's ever heard be released BEFORE the Galazy?
Are they nuts over there at VZW or what?

VZW blew it on the iPhone years ago, and now they're blowing it on the Galaxy.
Give consumers the right to CHOOSE. And I mean NOW.

That's not running Android. If it was, you would have the dots at the top letting you know what homescreen you're on. Also, the 3 basic Android buttons aren't there.

I thought it might be running Bada at first but on Bada the signal indicator is on the far left of the status bar where in this image it is where it should be on Android. Also you can't see the dots at the top on the image of the Fascinate from their site either but we all know that one is running Android. It does have three buttons. The center key is the home button like on the international Galaxy S and the button just to the left is menu and to the right is back.

I am very curious on the specs, the screen looks like it might still be Super AMOLED. I know Samsung makes that screen in 3.3" and 3.7" sizes so I wonder which one it will be.