Samsung Gem for Verizon

We broke the good/bad/indifferent news earlier today in our rumored devices forum -- the Samsung Gem has been resurrected, and dummy units are hitting Verizon stores as we speak. The Gem is a pretty basic 3.2-inch Android smartphone with a 3.2MP camera and an 800MHz processor. Not all that much to write home about, but it did see release on Alltel just a few weeks ago.

So, yeah, dummy units are arriving. We've got one more pic after the break, and that's probably as close as we're going to get to this thing. Thanks to you know who!

Samsung Gem dummy unit

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EggoEspada says:

It has Google? This is obviously not a high end phone and this is defiantly the Verizon version; does that mean the Bing deal is done?

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I hope so. The Bing deal was ridiculous. Hope to see a few wp7 devices with Google replacement.

newboyx says:

Just what the world needs, another moment/intercept/. The 800Mhz processor they use in these is garbage.

dan4patriots says:

who would buy this over the vortex?

thesneak155 says:

I work at CellSouth and we have been selling the for about a week... I have actually sold one

EvanJ18 says:

Verizon will sell these and O2 will offer an Inc S for free on contract. What is wrong with that picture?

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