We've had a few run ins with the Samsung Gem in the past. Looking destined for Verizon, then outted by Best Buy, which was later retracted. This time around though, Samsung is giving the little guy all the love by having posted the SCH-i100 Gem right up on their website. Of course, in doing so they also laid out all the specs for those who somehow might still be interested in this device.

  • Android 2.1
  • 3.2MP Camera
  • 800MHz processor
  • 850/1900MHz CDMA
  • GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 3.2-inch touch display with WQVGA resolution

Also included is the Swype keyboard technology and Samsungs Social hub is baked right in. Neither availability dates or any carriers are associated to the device. It just appears that Samsung wanted to add yet another device to their website even if it never ends up on a carrier. [Samsung via PhoneScoop]

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shynepo says:

This has gotta be a joke........it should be illegal to sell an android phone with 2.1, froyo been out since july

El Jefe says:

You mean like all the US Galaxy S phones? HAHAHAHA!

brian1269 says:

Samsung is working very hard to update its Galaxy S phones with Froyo. They hope to make an announcement very soon.
--Samsung rep statement to me four months ago.

Behold II has reincarnated!

This must be a joke lol

Wow... poor samsung... their phones wont go any higher then 2.1... wow my moment was my last samsung, toooooo many issues... thank u HTC for ur best phones and quality and awesome sense!

Jo_795 says:

I dunno all about that with Sense... I hate it..
Samsung Moment was a true G phone. 2.1 with 22 hour life.
That is of course all because with SDX..

Evo Shift 4G is one of the best phones out there.

but Samsung failed hard and I like Samsung...

Robbzilla says:

If you don't like Sense, get an alternative loader. Simple.


Anyone else think this will probably be an android phone for Metropcs

wifi#AC says:

I love the Superman shaped button touchpad thingy! There's another Superman "shield" on the back of the phone too to protect the rear camera.

Robbzilla says:

It'll probably show up free somewhere.

Roshizzle731 says:

you guys need to quit advertising samsungs trash. take it to comedy central.

kinster02 says:

Verizon is getting everything... this one they can have.

SniperFery says:

Well samsung has been quite troubling its consumer too!! Asian users has been waiting for samsung galaxy 5's froyo and 'till now there has been no confirmation when it will be released (they have been braging about it since november but still no release until today) even though there is a leaked version for Latin America and China's but it doesn't seem very good (way to many bugs on the L version and a non-working touchscreen for i5508 version)