Samsung Gear S

Samsung has released yet another smartwatch, the Gear S, in its lineup of various different sizes, shapes and functionalities. The stars of the show here are the big 2-inch curved AMOLED display and standalone 3G connectivity on the Gear S, but we also have the full internal specs for you to check out.

Category Features
Display 2-inch Super AMOLED (360 x 480)
Processor Dual-core 1GHz
Memory 512MB
Storage 4GB
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0, 802.11n
Cellular 2G: 900/1800 or 850/1900MHz
3G:900/2100 or 850/1900MHz
Software Tizen
Battery 300mAh Li-Ion
Typical usage of 2 days
Dimensions 39.8 x 58.3 x 12.5 mm
Resistance IP67 water and dust resistance

Reader comments

Samsung Gear S specs


Tizen is far better than android heads would like to say and it's SAMSUNG that's showing the way in the Smartwatch industry.

At the end of the day customers have to decide do they want a true Wrist watch communicator like this Galaxy Gear Solo

Or do they want the Android Wear watches which are featureless and only offer notifications.

Tizen means features and no limitations great fun daily. Not a restrictive day to day experience like android wear.

The Galaxy Gear Solo will be accompanying my Galaxy Note 4 out the door at T-Mobile on October 3rd.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Codiusprime- That dude is right. I have a Neo and thought I was going to be disappointed when Wear was released, but so far, not so much and I don't even have the stand-alone features that the Solo has. It's surprising how often I listen to tunes at work through the Neo's speaker and having the built-in memory for my mp3 files is nice when I workout using my BT headphones. And I still get at least one compliment a day on how badass is or how cool it was to be able to answer a phone call without touching my phone. All this leads to the one key factor making Sammy's watches WAY better than Wear's at this point... CHICS DIG IT!

Of all the smartwatch offerings this, for me, is running neck and neck with the Moto 360. But it's only teasin' me 'cause I don't use a Samsung smartphone! As far as I know, Tizen won't play nice with other Android phones, right?

Posted via Android Central App

Since this runs on a SIM card and pulls data itself, it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be able to pair with an Android phone, so long as it can access your Google accounts (calendar, gmail, etc.) for you, and possibly provide a portal for text messages like PushBullet does for your PC. I'm surprised nobody has made this connection yet. You could get all the same functionality, without the specific need to pair with your phone (worth saying again). If it CAN pair with non-Samsung phones, so much the better, I guess.

Pardon me Richard ,haven't you heard 2 years ago about the Z2 Smart watch phone ? its a full 2 inch screen smart phone with android ver 2 (later upgraded to ver 4), that's far long ago before even Samsung or LG or Sony even think about making a wrist smart phone, Z2 is Chinese brand by the way look at its videos on youtube or at :
, also you may like to check out the Neptune Pine smart watch phone at :
look out of the box Richard and best regards.

I understand this must be directed at him, and not at this particular comment, but I didn't read that as impolite or 'hate'.

I want that. But i don't want to have to use a Samsung smartphone to get that. Plus, not a fan of Tizen's UI. If I could get this watch running Android wear with all the features of the Gear 2, then I'm game, until then I'll be sitting out the smart watch race.

It has it's own SIM/3G connection. It doesn't specifically need to pair to a phone to get your data/notifications, if it has a way to allow you to log into your accounts (calendar, gmail, etc.). This changes the game slightly.

True, but some things it will still need to connect to the phone, like changing the track or sending and receiving a call or text.

Sell it? They are market leaders with 71% in Q1. That's not considering Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo sales. WIth these in Q2, their market share will be even higher now.

Does it only work with Samsung phones? Or did they finally make a watch that will work with other phones too? Even though I currently own a Samsung phone I don't want to lock myself into samsung as my next phone just for a watch, even though it's gorgeous.

and this is why I sold my gear1 and 2 but this is pretty dope will definitely have to check this out. I use several different phone so it might not work for me.

It has a SIM card, and a 3G connection. What makes you think it needs to pair to any phone, Samsung or otherwise?

Answering and placing calls/texts. Receiving other notifications from the phone.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

Yes, because connecting directly to the cellular network/Internet locks you into Samsung's, exactly?

Nice! It's damn near a galaxy S 1 on your wrist. Very attractive specs.

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

Wow this is a beautiful device. But watches are no go area for me. No matter the specs.

Posted via Android Central App

its nothing new for the galaxy gear line.. although its shape is more in line with the rest of the galaxy devices.. and further evidence that it may never go away.

Also looking closely ... are those light sensors...

I like the idea of a curved screen, and the specs look good. From the photo, it looks like the wristband is built into the back of the watch (not interchangeable). That's the only real concern I'd have about getting it.

Great looking watch but tizen is a non starter and the battery is too small (unless it's the most power efficient chip set ever)

I wonder if they'll release an Android Wear version of this a little down the road like they did with the Gear? They'd def sell more if the did because the Galaxy line doesn't seem to be flying off the shelves lately.

Android Wear doesn't support 3G yet, unfortunately, and Google will not allow 3rd parties to customize it at this time. Google will probably add the functionality in down the road, but for now what you state is not possible to do and still have the watch use the SIM card, which is really the starring feature here even though few seem to have recognized that yet.

Well, it's interesting. And better looking than most of the smartwatches announced to date. And it appears to be thinner, but that may just be an optical illusion.

But I'm really not sure I get the point of putting a SIM card and modem in the watch. I can't think of many places I'd need to be connected that I won't have my phone with me, too. And unless Samsung expects people to constantly switch a single SIM card back and forth, this is going to mean paying for two lines.

I mean, does anyone really plan to do this:

Totally agree. Why do I need data connectivity on my smartwatch when I always have my cell phone with me. This just appears to be yet another example of how Samsung throws a bunch a products out into the market to see what sticks. Maybe I'm wrong, but this will most likely just be a huge failure for Samsung.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

Perfect specs for a smartwatch. Just needs to run full Android rather than Tizen. I really appreciate this as the first smartwatch with acceptable display resolution.
- Run Android.
- More normal width band. This band looks ridiculous, but nice looking smartwatch.
- Mirasol type display would be better for battery and outdoor visibility. I don't care about color quality for images on a tiny screen.

Posted via Android Central App