Of the two Android Wear smartwatches currently available, the Samsung Gear Live arguably is the better looking. A few more curves, with a little extra through put into the overall design, and a high-resolution display, it'll be the one that turns heads.

But as we found out in our full review of the Gear Live, it does have a few idiosyncrasies that you'll want to be aware of. Namely that custom straps don't look quite as good as what's on the watch when you buy it. Samsung does make them easy to remove, though, so there's that.

Above is our video review of the Gear Live. Stay tuned for so much more on Android Wear.

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wolverinex says:

Love my gear live, even the stock band!
Highly recommend.

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wezra says:

Mine came last Thursday and has been on my wrist ever since. As I have stated in several other posts, I have no issue with the strap/buckle combination nor do I have any problem with the charger set-up. As with everyone else, the only problem is viewing the display in the sunlight. That is something all the manufacturers will have to address in Gen 2 devices. But again, it isn't that big of a deal for me... so certainly not a deal killer. I totally agree with the review, the Samsung watch is by far the better looking of the two ( LG G Watch and Gear Live) Android Wear watches available. I'm not all that excited about the Moto 360 as I have numerous round watches (being a collector) and the Gear Live adds something very different to my collection. All-in-all, like yourself, I'm very pleased with this first gen offering and look forward to firmware and software updates as they roll out from Samsung and 3rd party developers.

ChuckG73 says:

I might get one, I am getting so tired of waiting for the Moto 360 :( The pain of being an early adopter :)

JFMobile says:

Give in and get it :D

Have gear 1-waiting fire 360 but no mic on these for calls - may wait to see if included on 2nd generation

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jayjay234 says:

Not convincing... no call feature is a deal breaker for me.

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CJ Deaton says:

Nice review. Definitely like the look of the gear live over the g watch. Still the round Smart Watch is what I like, but not to excited about the 360. Waiting to see if samsung comes out with a round device in future Gen smart watches. I really like the Super AMOLED display. Once they figure out how to make the watch look like my GS5 in direct sunlight it will be awesome. Can't wait to see what Gen 3 and 4 smart watches look like and are able to do in the future.
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Waiting for the HTC Android Wear watch.

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JFMobile says:


JFMobile says:

...and Asus

DroidOn says:

Me too. Also, I am thinking the Samsung watch band could become a problem after fastening and unfastening the band a couple hundred times.

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Galaxy Gear 3 for me when the Note 4 is released.

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axllebeer says:

It's all very cool and I'd love to get 1 to play with. But that said, I can't get around the sunlight washing out the screen compared to an e-paper display. Or whatever Pebble calls it. I'm outside all the time and for me it just isn't practical.

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zeroefx says:

Thank you! Finally! I'm shocked how people are saying "I'm waiting for this or getting that." When you can't see these things outside. Like, really?

"Yeah, I got an android wear watch. It's super cool. As long as we're indoors. Here. Let's go inside so I can tell you the time and you can watch me flick stuff on my wrist."

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THIS ^^^

DAS says:

I am not sure about Gear Live, but I own the original Gear smartwatch and it has an outdoor brightness setting which I leave it set at all the time. This allows you to read the display outdoors just fine.

I have owned my watch since Novermber 2013, and i use it everyday; all day. Now that I use this device it would be hard for me to ever go back to a "normal" watch again.

flychinook says:

Maybe this is a "your mileage may vary" situation, but with brightness at 4, my G-watch is plenty readable outdoors. Tested it today, not a cloud in the sky, I turned my wrist and there was the time (and a reminder to buy cat food). Maybe the sun in Wisconsin isn't as bright?

mikerod79 says:

I love my gear live also with the original straps. But it makes it better that people can change the straps if they wanted to :) i also had the original gear for the people who mentioned the calling feature I used that feature twice so for me it wasn't that serious. I rather have the google now feature and the navi feature plus the gear live is a sexy watch :)

DAS says:

I agree with you. Except I do use the call feature more so than you found use for it. I really like it, especially when driving, because I can talk hands free using the built-in microphone.

Also, I find that the watch simply turns heads and strangers always share with me how nice it looks. They often have no idea of the name of the device, but they recognize it as "that Samsung watch."

I'd say, if you're a person that doesn't wish to stand out from the crowd then I'd say pass on any of the Gear smartwatches. Wearing the Gear will definitely get you noticed, and all of it in a really good way. In 9 months of use I have never had one negative comment.

beenzy says:

I pre-ordered the Samsung Live watch, used it less than a day, and sent it back. I loved the style, was happy with the band, and the screen was very nice - indoors. That's the deal breaker - unreadable outside. Even with the brightness setting on max, you can't see the screen. So when I'm biking or on a walk, Runkeeper is useless, as is my GPS rangefinder app when I'm golfing. And when in the car, if you feel your wrist vibrate, you can't just glance at your watch to see who's calling or texting. That's another problem - the vibration is set awfully low on this watch. I missed some notifications. Until this screen in the sunlight issue is solved, I'll stick with my Pebble.

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mlemos89 says:

This isn't really a video review, just the same hands on that has been up for a while.

probesport says:

Custom band Looks absolutely fantastic on the live

Brown leather strap on Gear Live - http://pinterest.com/pin/325666616777775454/?utm_source=android_share

Impulses says:

I can see their point, that back corner looks sorta odd (like it protrudes too far, can't even see the strap on that side tho)... Looks fine on the side closer to the camera tho. I imagine wrist size plays a role here too since it'll shift how the bands wrap to an extent.

I can't wait to win this from AC!

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JFMobile says:


rxnelson says:

"A few more curves, with a little extra through.." thought?

vonfranklin1 says:

Still can't see the point in one these yet.

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Wicket says:

ordered my G Watch and eagerly waiting for it to arrive, while yes it's the least exciting in design I liked the simplicity of it and am fine with how it looks. Depending on how I like it though I may return it and wait for the 360.