We've already seen the Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 before but now it's finally official. Samsung has just unveiled their latest Android powered smartphone and it's looking exactly like we imagined. The Galaxy Spica packs a 800 MHz processor which we're going to assume is like the Moment's, a 3.2 inch 320x480 capacitive touchscreen, and a 3 megapixel camera. One fun feature, the Galaxy Spica will be the first Android smartphone to support DivX videos.

The Samsung Galaxy Spica is already available in Europe and the CIS and will be released in the Middle East and Asia at a later date. Looks like it'll follow in the Galaxy's footsteps and not be available in the US. Oh well, guess the Samsung Behold II will have to do!

[via engadget]

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victoria says:

Finally, after a long-haul Asia will finally can get a hold with a real Android Phone, not saying its the best but at least
it's better than nothing right? Hopefully, Samsung will open their eyes to at least add more sauce to their Spica release.

Comparisson of Spica I5700 to Samsung I7500

Make it more spicy! :D

Anonymous says:

things only got 128MB of ram, id almost say its worse than nothing.

samsung fan says:

If someone could find out the expected price, it would be very helpfull. i cant wait, Samsung prices are usually reasonable especially the samsung star as touch screen phone.