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Virgin Mobile USA has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launching on its prepaid network on May 19th. The Sprint-owned prepaid carrier still has not launched any pricing or availability for the Galaxy S5 yet, though the phone does retail for $650 on Sprint without a contract.

As of this time, although a Galaxy S5 page was made live on Virgin Mobile's website, the carrier isn't taking any preorders nor is there any additional information available. If you're a Virgin Mobile subscriber and are interested in Samsung's flagship phone, you can always check out our review here at Android Central.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 coming to Virgin Mobile USA on May 19


I dont think Virgin Mobile and super fast network speeds belong in the same sentence. This is an option for people with bad credit or that have purchased VM prepaid cards at a major discount from ebay. Thats about it.

dude, accept the fact that you signed your soul over for 2 years & are probably paying $60+ a month when you could of got the same phone with no contract & only have to pay $35 a month on virgin mobile.. just let that sink in.

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Virgin will sell the S5 for only $499, according to that "other" bigger Android forum.

(edit: it's now showing $549.... still cheaper than what postpaid carriers are selling the S5 for)

Sprint's other prepaid option is boost mobile who is also selling the S5 starting next week.

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It would be worth it if they lowered the price some.. virgin does not have the best service

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personally I think, even if it's 500-600... it's a deal. it's no contract & $35 a month. the new 'hot phone' is released every 4-5 months. so if you didn't sign a 2 year your free to do whatever with no ETF.

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Virgin Mobile's SG3 is being sold on HSN all weekend for $199 which includes a $35 monthly service card. Good price for a good phone. I've never used Virgin Mobile's service but even if it's a 3G network that's still a good value.

I truly am going to pick this up on 19th after work! Ive been saving up money since it was announced in Feb!