Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung is bringing the Galaxy S to Cellular South, this much we've known for a while. The regional carrier now has a teaser page, but we're still eagerly awaiting a launch date. This version of Samsung's ubiquitous device looks resemble the Vibrant the most, T-Mobile's take on the phone. One of the exclusive features of this version that differentiates it from the other carriers is Discover Apps.

According to Cellular South's website:

Discover Apps (pre-loaded on the Galaxy S) is your guide to the apps that you want the most, all reviewed and recommended by our Discover Center team. This CS Original App will help you find and use the very best apps for your Galaxy S smartphone, chosen from among the thousands available in Android Market.

The latest announcement does say that the phone will be available "by the holidays." If you're on Cellular South and are interested in getting this device, sign up for email alerts at the source link. [Cellular South] Thanks Jeff!


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Cellular South teases Galaxy S, still no date, though


Somehow that pic looks a little different than my wife's Fascinate... Oh, I know! It says Google and not Bing on the search widget. Ugh!!!

What an awesome phone!!! This will be a nice upgrade from my nifty HTC Hero. In Mississippi, there is no better network than Cellular South... on CS, there will be no better phone than the Samsung Galaxy S!

Can't wait to replace my HTC Hero. There is no mention of what OS it will be running. In the previous teasers (milestone and desire) it noted what OS the phone was going to run. Hopefully this will launch with 2.2 since its not coming til the holidays.

This being a CDMA phone with camera flash looks more like a Fascinate than a Vibrant, except for that being shackled to Bing part.

They are taking too long to release the phone, i dont like being teased, makes me wanna go somewhere else, by the time they release it will be out dated and newer stuff will be out