Samsung Reverb

We're live in New York tonight where Samsung is teaming with Boost and Virgin Mobile to announce a bevy of new devices to flood the prepaid market in the coming weeks. First up is the Samsung Galaxy Reverb, a remarkably handsome little device that'll be available for preorder on Virgin Mobile starting on August 29. For $249.99 you'll get a 4-inch WVGA display (it looks great), a 5 MP camera, 4 GB of internal storage, and a 1.4 Ghz single-core processor. It's relatively thin and light at 128.7 grams and 11.30 mm thick, and it will run on Virgin's 3G EVDO Rev A network.

For a prepaid "budget" device, the Reverb is certainly packing a punch with that processor, and speeding through the homescreens felt fluid and smooth. The Reverb will thankfully ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, skinned with a TouchWiz that's not too different from just about every other recent Galaxy device. We'll put it through its paces in the coming weeks, but until then, you can check out our shots from this dimly lit bar below. The Reverb will hit shelves in mid-September.


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Samsung Galaxy Reverb hands-on


Unlimited Everything for 12 months at $40.00 = $480.00
Out the door with 8.5% Sales Tax Price...... = $270.16

Total with a Phone Free & Clear for 1yr..... = $750.16

That's most folks *6 Month Cost*............ = A Superb Deal.

i like 4" lcd's. i also like that design, wish the droid charge had those virtual buttons instead of the crap hardware ones, i probably would of kept it.

I feel like I missed something. Was this the only announcement from Virgin? And Boost announced 2 devices? At least they got the Galaxy II S WiMax.