The just released Samsung Galaxy A just received an unboxing and video walkthrough, and if you're into watching a seven minute video about a phone that'll probably never ship to the US, in a language you don't understand, well, by all means! All kidding aside though, the Samsung Galaxy A is actually quite impressive--the colors on the screen pop, the build quality looks good, and the transitions are rather snappy. There's even a full-on antenna for mobile TV. Samsung is certainly upping their Android game with the Galaxy A and we hope the Galaxy S can extend that, while finding a way to the US. [via androidguys


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Samsung Galaxy A caught on video


Hey Phil:

Where's the spreadsheet?

Seriously, there are so many new android phones coming, rumored, announced, in stores, at carriers, that my head is starting to swim.

Why not a giant publicly viewable Google Doc spreadsheet with, features and phones and specs. Allow some trusted associates to collaborate on the updates.

Link each to the review or stories on AC.

But Phil, you don't want to hurt Google's feelings do you? ;-)

Sure a web page might do, but its harder to update. Now a web page fed from a google spreadsheet? Nirvana!

What's the difference between the Galaxy A and Galaxy S? The A type shown here in this video looks impressive like about the Incredible quality. I'm so glad I have Sprint so I can get the EVO. That thing is going to rock my socks off.