Manufacturers fight for top spot in Europe as Samsung gains ground in U.S.

Kantar WorldPanel has released figures for the three months running up to April 2014, which show an increase in the number of manufactures competing for the top spots in the European smartphone market. The report also shows Android remaining in the lead when it comes to overall shares of the smartphone market. Google has 70 percent in the five big European markets and 51 percent in the US. While iOS retains a comfortable second place across the board, Windows Phone still climbs steadily as the underdog.

One of the larger beneficiaries of this latest report regarding manufacturers is Huawei, which experienced a steep hike of 123 percent in the big five European markets over the past year. Over in China, local vendor Xiaomi outsold Samsung for the second time in April, with its RedMi device proving to be the popular choice among local consumers in that region.

Samsung has almost caught up with Apple in the USA, with market shares of 34.1 percent and 34.6 percent respectively. The growth of Android also brings fragmentation with multiple manufacturers attempting to compete for the top spot in Europe, the US and Asia. The platform war itself is starting to heat up with Microsoft closing the gap on Apple's iOS with hopes that Windows Phone 8.1 will solve the majority of its flaws.

There aren't any drastic changes through the last three months, but do check out the full report over on Kantar for more details.

Source: Kantar


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Manufacturers fight for top spot in Europe as Samsung gains ground in US


Google needs to get their act together and hurry up with android silver. Samsung must be stopped!
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So funny how people want samsung to fail miserably when samsung helped android to be popular.

Posted via NEXUS 5

The thing is that Samsung has built a brand reputation that exceeds Android itself. They can build Tizen that can be compatible with Android apps and Samsung's own copied apps without Google and people won't notice a thing.
Google know that won't be good in the long run. There must be more balance for other brands to have some fair share in Android.
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And what is a fair share and who determines what is a fair share? Are you suggesting consumers shouldn't be allowed to choose for themselves what they want?

If you want balance in Android, the Android fan kiddies need to stop bashing Samsung and stop being critical of Samsung offering more choice to the consumer and start pushing other OEMs to start offering the same choices in a phone.

Samsung earned their fair share by selling good amount of android phones?

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The point is that if Samsung moves away from Android, it's a loss for Android. If the market more balanced for Android, then Google wouldn't have to do project silver.

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The world is full of 'if's. The reality is that Samsung destroyed their competition making phones people want.

Samsung is not pulling away from Android. Tizen has been in development for years and will probably be used in wearables and appliances etc. Samsung has no reason to mess with it's hugely successful android based phones and tablets.

I couldn't of said it better. People are just going yo hate regardless. If it wasn't because of Samsung android wouldn't be where its at now

Why Samsung must be stopped???
I would like to know how is HTC doing in US/European markets.

I like the competition and push for the top Android manufacturer. I say don't stop Samsung.

Its actually harder than it appears. I make it look easy.

People need to realize if it wasn't for Samsung, Android would have ways to go in market share, trust me, Google is glad to have Samsung and it's ability to manufacture gazillion Android handsets for the masses.

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I hope Microsoft begins to gain more traction to keep Google motivated to keep innovating in Android. For the most part WP has nearly all its problems solved and it's the perfect balance of open and restriction between Android and iOS. Monopolies are never good. They dont want to end up like iOS.
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WP just needs to focus on apps now. It's still their biggest drawback

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That gap is beginning to close now compared to 2012. Still needs a little more time.

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It will never close as long as they have such low market share. It may add some "old" apps over time, but you are guaranteed that whatever is next months hot app will not be available to you if you have a Windows Phone. Android has a hard enough time getting new apps as quick as iOS, Windows Phone will never get their without massive market share.

No matter what they do with WP, those tiles will always be the biggest drawback for me.
From my Note 2 to you

Isn't samsung number 1 in China according to other sources (gartner and canalys) or does kantar taking about individual handsets as it mentioned only one model? I'm not surprised with the us surge the s5 topped the sales in the 4 first tier carriers

I think Google is grateful for Samsung's efforts, but I'm sure they're also watching out for them too. Samsung is building its own brand, apart from Android. They've been doing it for years. The first chance they get they'll separate from Android.
Also let's remember that Samsung rose to predominance by opening up their wallet and marketing their way to the top. If you've ever been to a carrier store you know how they push Samsung phones over other brands.
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If you notice many employees that sell carrier branded phones use a samsung, not all but most. Particular store I work at every employee is using the note 2 or note 3. We feel they make the best phones. Also samsung is the only oem that has a local rep we can contact at any time, provides training both online and in person, stops by our store to show us upcoming products, and has hand selected a number of employees from various carriers to be samsung certified specialists that get to carry the latest samsung equipment for free.

Basically no oem other than samsung encourages phone carriers to sell their products. They send us stuff and don't bother to inform us of any unique features while samsung hand trains us.

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+1 on the specialized training. Just bought a Tab Pro 10.1 from Best Buy today. The lady working with us was the lead Samsung specialist and it showed. She was very knowledgeable and answered any and all questions we had. Left very satisfied.

Posted via Android Central App on my Moto X