Note and GS3 covers

Samsung was on hand at Pepcom's Holiday Spectacular tonight in New York with an emphasis on myriad of accessories for its flagship models, the Galaxy S 3 and the Galaxy Note 2. In time for the holidays, Samsung says it will begin offering its singature Flip Cases in a variety of colors for the two devices, including Light and Cobalt Blues, Pink, Mint, Lime Greene, Orange and Yellow, in addition to the standard Titanium Gray and Marble White. Samsung will also begin offering bundled packages of the cases for those who want to swap out and accessorize at will. The bundles will include four cases and will cost $100, a bargain considering one case currently sells for $39.99. Samsung said that the bundles will hit the market sometime this Fall.

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I REALLY want that Orange flip-cover for my GS3, wish it were sold individually but if I have to buy the bundle I won't mind either.

Bond32 says:

Holy crap thats expensive.

etnpnys says:


I was gonna say those same exact words!! No way am I paying $100 (!!!!!) for a couple CASES for my phone!!! Nor $40 for a single one!!

bleedblue says:

You get 4 cases for $100, not "a couple."

etnpnys says:

I don't care if they gave me a dozen. That's too much money for a case. How many cases can you use at the same time? One. The only way this makes sense is if you and your Spice Girls friends all wanted a different color.

bleedblue says:

Well, you said a couple. I was simply pointing out that you get more than a couple. If you can't justify spending the money then who am I to argue with that? Not everyone prefers to order some $3 POS case off Amazon, though. You get what you pay for. Complaining and acting like this is some outrageous offering is nothing if not petty. Don't have the money, or simply can't justify it? OK. Leave it at that. 4 cases for $100 is a pretty solid deal in my mind. And I know a bunch of people with GSIII's so ... hey ... maybe I see some cheap Christmas gifts.... it is almost that time of the year. ;P

Have a wonderful day. XD

ReggieTee says:

Uh, can we get that wireless charger that was talked about waaaaaaaay back in May?

Yea I got lost after $100. This is like Apple's smart covers. Overpriced as hell

return_0 says:

But it's $100 for four covers. That's $25 per cover, which isn't too overpriced, considering it's made by the manufacturer of the phone.

inyrules says:

I think they're overpriced for the amount of protection they offer. I know they're more for fashion than anything else, but still would be nice to have some shock absorbancy.

kinster02 says:

Are we trying to turn into Windows phone...we need a price cut.

atticus14 says:

These look nice but not enough protection for me. If im going to add any bulk at all I'm looking for complete protection - this thing leaves the sides and especially the corners exposed. If you keep these higher end phones in good shape they have great resale value, 250-300 bucks which could pay for a new phone or all kinds of other goodies.

soulsurvives says:

Goin to get a gs3 today after work and won't get a cover like this....ok if you keep the phone in a purse or something like that......

Hand_O_Death says:

wife still wants the pink one, but for half that price.

commonplace says:

A "bargain"? I guess a RELATIVE bargain, but wow, those are some steep prices no matter how you cut it. Probably costing them 50 cents to make 'em, too.

jivegirl14 says:

Good cases for the SG3 are still expensive. These ones currently retail for about $40, so $25 is a good price. I have one, as I bought it when I first got my phone. They protect the screeen more than anything else - a good screen protector will take care of that. The reason I'm not too keen on them is that they make it tricky to take photos because you want to fold the cover back and it will cover the camera. If you hold it away from the camera it then makes holding the phone awkward. Also, they don't give any protection if you happen to drop your phone.