Samsung 'flagship' device

Well this day has been full of Samsung rumors and it's about to get a lot juicier. How about a flagship device that will launch early next year?

Here are the rumored specs:

  • 4.3 or 4.5-inch Super-AMOLED (described as Super-AMOLED 2)
  • 8 MP with Auto-focus and LED flash
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 1080p video capture and playback
  • Described as a 'universal e-book reader'
  • 14.4Mbps HSDPA / 5.76Mbps HSUPA

So who is intrigued by this device? Sounds like we are in for a good few months for high-end Android devices. [Engadget]


Reader comments

Samsung flagship device coming in early 2011?


WAKE UP EVERYONE ITS A FAKE. Just because engadget posts it, doesn't make it gold. The ui is MiUi. Theres a typo of 4.3" vs 4.5." The sideview of the phone between the thumbs looks nothing like the other other images of the phone. And about that image...its an old image of a controller ( Whats up with the blue "Galaxy S" balloon in the upper right corner. Why do all the cutouts look like its been done by a photoshop noob? Why would you repeat the phone specs on the same slide?!?!?! Enough proof?

this guy is right, follow the link to the picture of the old controller, there you will see the original image of a hand holding the controller sideways, look at the detail on the thumb, its an exact match. Enough proof right there.

ok i am going to take all of the samsung rumors today and erase them from my mind...this is just getting confusing.

I doubt it has 16GB of memory. 512MB or 768MB I would believe. Might even believe 1GB... guess we will are not allowed to know at this point.

It might have 16GB of flash STORAGE, though.

Me and some other friends have very good reason to believe this is a hoax.

First off, the ad looks incredibly cheap. Horrendous.

Second of all, the OS in the picture is actually the MIUI ROM from those Chinese devs.

I'm almost positive this is nothing more than bad/good PhotoShopping of an iPhone 4 with the MIUI ROM thrown on top. =/

I hate how samsung just forgets about there not even a year old flagship device they create another one and totally abandon the older one. the Droid is still getting updates come on sammy!!

Looks fake to me, they even made a simple mistake, notice that they got the screen size wrong, one section says 4.3 inch, and a other says 4.5 inch.

Look at the 2nd picture on Engadget. The settings and calculator icons are from the Iphone.

I think Samsung are just trying to trick buyers thinking it's an Iphone... might work. No matter what touchscreen phone you have, someone always thinks it's an Iphone.

be nice if they could get out the android 2.2. update for captivate before pimpin the new stuff... seein as how it's already two months behind schedule eh? .......

Two months behind according to who's schedule? Near as I can tell, the year hasn't ended yet.

It's obviously FAKE. I really can't believe Engadget ran with this. The phone is obviously a photo-shopped iphone 4. Just look at the side. Not to mention no Android buttons. I guess Samung would say 4.3 and 4.5. No mention of version number of Android, just the aka. They didn't put the version number in, because they were unsure if is 2.3 or 3.0. Samsung would know that. FAKE FAKE FAKE

i just hope it aint 4.3" display, needs to be a max 3.7" with retina resolution. And I really hope its tegrea2 or orion cpu inside

I'm hoping it's the 4.5"!
I will never, ever, buy anything under 4" now that I've owned an evo!
a 4.5" screen with retina res would be freaking awesome!

I under stand some people don't like the bigger screens but if this is really a flagship phone then it'll at least need a 4" screen.
It would be a step down from the Galaxy S phones to go with a smaller screen

When is Samsung going to support the devices they already have out? Verizon told me in Sept froyo was coming, nothing yet, bing sucks, no flash player, I wouldnt buy samsung again if they paid me!

I'll give you a tip, sales people lie. Bing is Verizon's doing, not Samsung.

Samsung said froyo would be out in Sept for Galaxy S, not the Galaxy S line. Samsung has taken longer than I would of wanted, but not a prohibitively long time.

samsung has state that ALL galaxyS will be on 2.2 in November or at least the roll outs started. They posted a tentative date of like the 17th a week ago for the Vibrant and captivate. Nothing solid for the bing loaded fascinate.

Bing is all verizon, that has nothing to do with sammy. they make the customizations based on what the carrier demands. Updates are half sammy half carrier as the carrier puts them through a testing process once its done and gets final say so on when it gets dropped to consumers.

Well, I would say it's the carriers at this point holding up Froyo on the Galaxy S phone in the US, since the international version already has it.

On another note, I would have to add my vote to the Hoax column.

It just looks so fake, I would love to believe it but there is no way dual core is coming this early, only device is the global droid... I think Samsung would rather go out of business than make this business move. It just doesn't make any sense that it would state it running GINGERBREAD when the SDK isn't even out yet, and the fact that the device is coming only 4 months after the release of the Continuum and (maybe) 3 or 2 months, before the Nexus S(if it is even real)...

Still, it would be very sexy, I would love to see 4.5 inch xD

Go to engadget and check out the other add for this phone. check out the Google apps section. if this was really put out by samsung, that graphic artist needs to be fired! I can crop photos better than that!
each app icon has sloppy cropped edges! that alone gives it away that it's fake.

If it was an internal document, it doesn't have to be anything close to a real model. I'm not saying these arn't faked, but I've seen a LOT of official internal documents that use images nothing like the product to get the IDEA of the release across before final design is locked in. If this was a marketing/strategy paper, it coulda been someone in Microsoft publisher whipping up some images for his slides. Doesn't make the info invalid

I got the EVO the day it came out and I'm already wanting to upgrade...
Just think though. the phones that will be releasing this time next year will be even better!

If samsung really does pull off a device like this, HTC will answer with something better!

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WVGA? make it WXGA and we'll talk. Also, if it was running with an Orion onboard, I would certainly be excited about checking the device out.

I agree to an extent, I mean, it looks like Samsung is always coming out with phones that look really similar to the iphone... and I don't mind it at all