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Samsung has announced that it is taking Apple to court for 10 counts of patent infringement. The lawsuits come in response to Apple's suit against the Korean giant filed for allegedly copying the aesthetics of the iPhone in California earlier this week. Interestingly, Samsung is choosing not to counter-sue in the United States and is instead bringing its cases around the world in South Korea, Germany, and Japan. The main area of dispute from Apple's perspective is that Samsung's Android skin, Touchwiz, looks a little bit too much like iOS for their comfort. [Samsung via Engadget]


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Samsung fires back at Apple with patent infringement lawsuits


I wish all the sites would stop linking to those Apple bigots at engagdet. I don't mind the information from engadget, I just hate they way they always slant it so that apple can do no wrong.

Good to see Samsung firing back. I love fights between huge tech companies over claims consumers could care less about. It's better in some ways than early Mike Tyson fights in used to watch as a kid in the eighties.

Consumers do care when the price of their electronics goes up when competition is squelched, as Apple has attempted.

I, for one, am not a fan of these legal battles because I know they translate into large legal bills for both companies, and guess who has to pay an extra few dollars on their new products because of this...

You think a couple of multi-million dollar legal bills is going to stop any Apple Faboy from going and buying a more expensive product that, before the legal bills, already has hundreds of dollars of profit built into the price?

Exactly. Somehow the funds are going to be recovered -- we can all rest assured that corporate will not see a reduced stipend as a result. Let's hope that the consumers are not greatly impacted in their wallets. After-all, there has been such innovation the past few years and mobile technology has been improving greatly.

I love it when the bully on the block realizes, too late, that the docile giant he's just poked at, has some pretty big teeth.

In the end, I hope Apple comes out of this mess a bit more bloodied than Samsung. Apple, as far as their corporate policy goes, needs to be humbled. I don't even have a problem with their products-- just their attitude. It's this intellectual superiority complex from Steve Jobs and the entire company which keeps me boycotting Apple products.

Amen to that. You're a day late and a dollar short apple. Get over yourself cause you ain't the big kid on the block any more.

I whole-heartedly agree with this coment.

I'm sure Apple's products aren't as awful as I like to assume they are (based off ignorance, of course), however I refuse to even consider them due to the corporate nature of Apple. Just like every other company out there, they provide a product and/or service. Just like every other company out there, it is up to the consumer to decide whether they like one product or service over other products or services in the same category. Apple's philosophy is "pick ours, because it is vastly superior to everyone else's. And if you don't, you must have been raised by handicapped mountain goats."

So I would be happy to see Samsung provide Apple with a little humility. That's not to say I think Apple will lose, but it would be nice to see them get shut up for once. I equate Apple to the tech world as Glenn Beck is to politics.

I agree... I do think Apple makes good UI's... but the fact that they make all their crap proprietary so you can't use standard products on them and the fact that they think they own everything is the reason why I won't touch them. OH... and they think I'm going to pay a premium cause it says Apple on it... WRONG!! I hope Samsung humiliates them too!!

If you ask me I think apple wishes ios looked more like touchwiz and they are just hating. Apple is so far behind the times compared to android imo that the only thing they can do is bring up a bunch of trumped up charges. Everyone of these companies has done some sort of copy right infringement especially apple. So get off your high horse apple and just work on making your stuff better instead of sweating android so hard for doing well.

"Good artists copy; great artists steal." - Pablo Picasso, sometime before 1973.

For those that are illiterate with art, let me translate:

Everyone that creates an idea, is essentially borrowing from someone else that has, at some point in the past, already created the idea. In this regard, it is nigh impossible to create something unique. In the art world, copying is taking someone else's idea and not changing it. Stealing, is taking that idea as it is, but putting your own artistic interpretation into it to make it your own. When you create the "stolen" piece in your own way, you are no longer duplicating the source. By modifying the original product, you are no longer copying it as you have failed to make it identical to the other.

The difference between Apple and the rest is that Apple is admitting it's "stealing", the other companies choose to just ignore that and take credit for something not entirely theirs.

I find it kind of funny that the UI on LG's Optimus 2X looks kind of like Touchwiz. Even Phil said that it looks like Samsungs Touchwiz. Is Apple going to take notice of this and sue LG for that as well?

That's because LG created that UI before Samsung created Touchwiz, LG decided not to adapt that UI until recently.

"he called me a he did it first...nah-ahh you started you started're stupid...shut you shut up.....THATS IT, BOTH OF YOU TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE"

- End result: Apple & Samsung loose millions, grudgingly shake hands and become 'buddies' again...until the 5th-period science class when Samsung/Apple throws something at the other...

Looks like Samsung are the smart ones here, they're a hardware and parts supplier and they probably had these on file saving it for a rainy day when they get sued by the company they supply for and send the message "hey if you try to screw us, we've got a few up our sleeves too! and you won't get anymore parts from us".

I propose Apple change their slogan from "Think Different" to "Innovating through litigation since 1976".

So Apple took this long to file a suit? Funny how they don't need Samsung's processors anymore to file a suit.

We could really solve this suit right now by Samsung getting rid of TouchWiz and going back to stock Android. Its a thought.

And in other news today, Apple announced it was filing a lawsuit against the estate of Alexander Graham Bell, for allegedly building a time machine, going into the future, and stealing apple's idea for a "telephone" that ultimately apple would have invented.
"We have to protect our intellectual property," an unnamed apple spokesperson said. "Just because someone is dead, doesn't mean they can get away with stealing our technology."
Graham Bell's estate responded that apple should actually be filing suit against Will Farrel, who dropped his cell phone in the 1940's in the movie "Night At the Museum 2". Apple indicated that they may expand the suit. "Basically, if anyone ever had a thought in their head that we didn't tell them they could have, we will be pursuing them," the unnamed apple spokesperson said, adjusting the collar of his black turtleneck. "We just really know what's best for the consumer, and what the consumer really wants. Even if the consumer doesn't know it."

That's the news, movie at 11.

The funny thing about your comment is that Alexander Graham Bell stole the patent for the telephone from Antonio Meucci. Meucci's patent expired and he didn't renew it, so Bell quickly swooped in and took the patent. Knowing that Meucci was poor and suffering some major injuries after a boiler room blew up on the Staten Island Fairy, Bell filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement. The subsequent trials went on for more than 9 years until Meucci died. Meucci's death put an end to the longstanding lawsuits and Bell got them all. Bell happened to work at the caveat center for a short amount of time and took over several expired caveats (patents), so he is credited for a lot that he stole. Like explained above, he stole the ideas, but didn't copy them.

What is Apple afraid of here?

According to some reports, Apple's IOS holds a massive lead over Google's Android. iPhone sales is slowing while Android sales is increasing, in other reports. Apple already tried this with HTC and Nokia and lost. They're going to lose with Samsung and it will impact them in ways that aren't apparent to them now.

Apple is claiming Samsung lifted the way iOS' app menu appears with their touchwiz overlay (how it goes left to right) along with certain design aesthetics right down to the physical packaging. because apparently if you have an overhead view of your product squarely featured on the center of the box, people automatically assume its an apple product.

Samsung has fired back with several technology infringements in regards to how data is transmitted over 3G, how battery life is saved during data transmissions, etc.

Apple filed suit in Northern California

Samsung filed suit in South Korea, Japan, and Germany.

Actually, iOS is very similar to Samsung's original UI they created years ago... TouchWiz is just an improvement on that UI... Who's copying who?!

apple is a very cunning the name of ethic infringement contradicting Steve Job's 'steal of ideas' comment...well, the two giants should maintain their aesthetics and take it to the next level, rather filing the senseless lawsuits against each other...

Apple is scared because there market is dimenishing and its good to see somebody stand up to them and let'em know whos better

The increasingly complex web that's developed from all of the mobile patent enforcement actions is truly mind-boggling. What's more, it all seems rather wasteful, when one considers the fact that the likely result of all these lawsuits will be settlements and cross-licensing deals. How anticlimactic.