Verizon Fascinate EB01 update

No announcements have been made, and no dates have been confirmed, but it appears that owners (points to self) of Verizon's Samsung Fascinate may soon (finally!) get their share of Froyo.

Just last week a leaked version, dubbed DL30, made the rounds, and we wasted no time in helping you join in on the fun. Alas, a week is an eternity in the world of Android, and an anonymous source slipped us a new build, dubbed EB01.

I got to put this build through its paces and see how well it performs and stacks up in terms of benchmark scores. A few highlights:

  • All the things you'd expect from Froyo including installation of apps on the Fascinates SD card; the latest Gtalk and Gmail apps; and full Adobe flash.
  • Bing is still the default search engine; however, Verizon has thrown in Google Search for good measure. Google Maps and Nav must still be downloaded separately.
  • Customize the Fascinate with one of 3 system fonts styles: Choco Cooky, Cool Jazz, and Rosemary (additional fonts available for download)
  • Visual upgrades to icons and new options for controlling Mobile Data & Auto Rotation in the notification panel.
  • Samsung's Media Hub allows you to download movies and TV shows.
  • Take screen shots by holding back and power.

Will this be the official Froyo update? I can't say for sure, but it appears about as final as Froyo gets. If you can't wait any longer, head on into the forums, where forums adviser Adrynalyne has packaged it up so you can share in the fun. Video and links to the unofficial update are after the break.

Verizon Fascinate EB01 ROM, kernel and radio | Rooted EB01 ODIN

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Reader comments

EB01 Froyo for the Verizon Fascinate leaked, rooted and ready to try


This is very cool and I am excited but I am definitely waiting a few days to flash this one. I jumped in DL30 so fast last time that I ended flashing about 8 ROMs in 2 days. I'll let one of our crazy awesome devs to release a clean version first this time around. Thanks Cory!

I sense ATT is coming soon too. Hopefully there are some surprise goodies that Samsung/ATT will give us.

I did complain to ATT CEO via email in January, but got a stock reply saying it was Samsung that was doing the release. Bottom line is that they did not really care what we think.

Hopefully Samsung has learned and will do 2.3 faster.

I can tell you were excited to make the video because you didn't even bother to put the battery cover back on after installing the modem via odin lol

Very good video explaining all the new stuff froyo will bring. Id have to imagine that most if not all of those changes should come to the Epic as well, except for Verizons "bloatware" Thanks!

Did you happen to notice anything in regards to signal strength? That has been the big issue with my battery life being so poor and it was something that Froyo was supposed to fix.

With the froyo release for the Epic, you can re-order the apps. Go to your apps screen, hit menu, edit, menu, sort.

Note: That process might be slightly different as I don't have the touchwiz launcher any longer. I guess there is also the possibility it does not exist on the Fascinate.

While I'm all in favor of getting 2.2 installed, ran into quite the mess when trying to flash it with this. Probably user error, but still dang annoying.

This has me really excited!! I was thinking of buying the new samsung s2's when they come out but i think with this update I will be satisfied..... front facing camera though....I still long for it. All this complaining about samsung but i love this phone already. My friend just got an evo and it sounds so difficult to maneuver. I was jealous but not so much now listening to her complaints.

n00b question..

If I install this ROM, will I be able to go back to the factory one in case my wife (phone user) doesn't like?

Looking forward to using Froyo on my Fascinate. Wish there were a way to delete the "bloatware" that comes installed though. You did an excellent job on the video! Thanks for taking the time to create and post it for the rest of us to watch and learn.

I am new to Android and struggling to decide between the Droid X or the Fascinate. Any recommendations?

I rooted and removed bing and all the bloatware then upgraded to EB01. My search button now defaults to Google. Love this phone. Now, what do we going to do tonight, Brain?

Which version do I need to download? And can I do it on my phone or do I need my computer? And if I get EB01 can I still download Verizon's version of 2.2 if it ever comes out?