Verizon internal system shot

What's that you say?  How about a picture of Verizon's internal system showing the Samsung Fascinate ready and waiting to make it's way to your hot little hands.  We still are pretty sure the release date will be September 9, and we know it's already making its way into a few hands, so it makes sense that Big Red is getting things ready. 

Oh yeah, there's also a shot (after the break) of some accessories, including a 2200 mAh battery.  That should keep you going for the best part of the day.  Seven days my friends ... seven days.  Thanks to you-know-who!

Fascinate accessories

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bamadog says:

Any idea if the extended life battery would be compatible with an AT&T Captivate?

theoneuafter says:

Cant wait!

rfmike says:

Its an amazing phone. I've got really good hook-ups at a verizon here in CO. I got to hold the real deal today. Its amazing how light weight it is. Its thinner then the droidx. And the screen is just the right size. Not to big and not too small.

@ rfmike

dude go spam some other website get the hell outta here. you are not welcome spamboy.

rfmike says:

1. I'm not a spamboy, I've been on this web site probably longer then you have, an the only time I drop my 2 cents in us if it something I know for a fact. Do sorry mr. panthersfan86 but I'm not spaming. If you know someone at a verizon store ask them if they got there one live test modal in the back, and see if they will let you check it out.

GalaxyNole says:

Woot! It's like Christmas in September. I've waited so long to get this stupid phone and now It's almost here.

to anyone it concerns i happen to test for Verizon, has to be the greatest job in the world. but I was priviliged enough to get to test the DX, and i ended up buying one for myself, but i got pushed an official 2.2 update to my test phone and it became a paperweight after about 3 days. long story short i am swapping out my DX for this bad boy. i liked the galaxy s series originally, but seeing that test phone tank like that after the update i want nothing to do with motorola.

GalaxyNole says:

Do you have any info on that HTC EVO looking phone coming to Verizon?

voghan says:

I sure hope that battery works in other galaxy s phones. I want one for mine.