Fascinate 3G+

Samsung has released the Android 2.2 source code for its Fascinate 3G+ for Telus. Anyone interested in poking around Sammy's code can head over to its Open Source Release Center and enter the model number "SGH-T959D."

It's always great to see manufacturers contributing back source code (especially since they have to under the open-source rules), and hopefully this will help the development of third-party firmware for other Galaxy S phones. In particular, this release may be of use to anyone working on ROM's for the Samsung Vibrant, which is very similar to the Fascinate 3G+. [Samsung Open Source Release Center]


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Samsung Fascinate 3G+ (Telus) Froyo source released


Verizon Fascinate is CDMA+EVDO. Telus Fascinate is GSM+UMTS with HSPA+, hence "SGH". CDMA phones have "SCH" in the model number instead.

at least Verizon update for the fascinate was released. I installed today and the GPS is locking in seconds! So, froyo should be just around the corner hopefully.

I'm looking to get the Fascinate from Verizon (unless I can wait for the Thunderbolt). 2.1 is stopping me right now. Would this work in the VZW Fascinate the way we do OS upgrades on BB by deleting the Vendor file?

it is not compatible. Different radios, Telus Fascinate is on an HSPA Band while the VZW is on a CDMA band

Don't let it stop you from getting it, it will be here before too long. The phone is awesome, coming from a BB myself it's like a major computer upgrade, no comparison!

Im really trying to. I have my Galaxy Tab and I LOVE this thing. The Fascinate is so easy to navigate because its virtually the same machine. lol. But Im worried we won't get 2.2, let alone 2.3 on the fascinate