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Another layer of security aimed at the enterprise could help BYOD efforts

Update: Naturally, as soon as the rumors are swirling, Lookout has just announced on its official blog that it has struck a deal with Samsung to be included in its KNOX security system on future devices. This partnership is part of a bigger move towards the enterprise for Lookout, and the security company clarifies that it will only be bundled on Samsung devices that have KNOX installed.

Original story: The idea of whether or not Android devices would benefit from third-party antivirus and security software is still being debated, but Samsung is potentially thinking it is a necessity. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Samsung is expected to announce that it has penned a deal with Lookout to have its antivirus software pre-installed on devices going forward.

Indications are that the partnership with Lookout will span across all of Samsung's future devices, but the aim is to further its enterprise security rather than to protect average consumers. Building on its Samsung KNOX program, which works to silo enterprise data on personal devices, the inclusion of Lookout antivirus will potentially add yet another layer of security.

Lookout definitely has a bit of brand equity with consumers of all kinds, and Samsung could potentially pick up a few more enterprise customers if it shows that it is actively working towards securing its devices. The deal is expected to be announced Wednesday, so we'll be keeping an eye out for more news from Samsung's IFA press conference.

Source: WSJ; Lookout


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Samsung to include Lookout on future devices for increased enterprise security [update]


I uninstalled Knox from my S4. I'll uninstall Knox and lookout from my Note 3. Titanium FTW!

Everything is for sale, you just need to go high enough, and Samsung can do it. It isn't like they do multiple things, they do one. It isn't a huge company

False. Tell that to Drew Houston of Dropbox. Steve Jobs wanted to buy them and he told him they are not for sale at any price. Jobs said "you're a feature not a product and if I can't buy you I will bury you" or words to that effect. Sometimes money is not the sole motivator in life. Read the Forbes article.


Yeah, Jobs said the same thing about Android! So if you won't join him he wants to "TRY" and destroy you!! So lets see (not to sound mean or heartless) but who's buried now? Just saying................

Good for Lookout! I'm glad to see they are making money from big partnerships like this which increases the likelihood that they can and will continue to offer their free service to everyone!

I have Lookout Premium on my S4 running all the time as it was included with the Jump! Program from TMobile. It never shows up in stats and is pretty unobtrusive. Battery life is still great. Never used it prior but I figured I'd try it. So far so good.

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Lookout is great on battery and I am not sure if it will be a system app or not, but more than likely you will be able to get rid of it.

My thought on the first couple of posters, Is the Samsung hate that strong that they can take one of the better antivirus apps, include it for free and you will still b*tch about it? Really?

It's not free. It trickles down to our pockets eventually.

The point here is that it does *nothing*. This can't help the user unless they go through the process to specifically allow off-market apk's, download something shady from a wares or pirate site, and ignore suspicious permissions. Even then, there is a limit to what damage can be done unless the user has deliberately unlocked the bootloader and rooted the device AND granted the bad app root access. And if someone actually does all that, I'm doubtful any AV will work anyway.

So this is fairly useless and just raises the price for a marketing gimmick.

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Lookout works. it found and alerted me to "Secret SMS Replicator" on my phone when i purposely installed it as a test. if someone were to surreptitiously install a spy app like this on my phone - i would most probably never know about it without a scanner app like Lookout. that's enough for me - i'm sold. and Lookout's other features are gravy.

Not so. The play store is not airtight. Just a couple of weeks ago, it caught an app that was listed as an official adobe app, but was actually ad ware from a shady developer who somehow got away with using the Adobe name and logo. I would've installed the app if I hadn't got the warning from lookout.

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And this ensures I will always buy a device that I know can be rooted. Unfortunately I am on a CDMA carrier so nexus devices are off the table for me. Samsung just went down a few notches in my book. I don't need lookout nor do I want it on my phone.

I used Lookout on my HTC EVO 4G in the past.

This app was listed as a "recommended" app by Sprint. Everytime I had an issue with the phone (lag, battery life, etc.) the Sprint employees would blame Lookout (along with other apps). It seems that carriers (Sprint specifically) point to all software not originally installed with their "ROM" as the the cause to many phone issues.

I have been able to locate my misplaced phone and remote wipe with this app in the past. But, I have removed it from the the various Android devices in my home, and simply opt to have the insurance on my devices and to backup daily.

Although it apparently offends the sensibilities of some, this strikes me as a smart business move.

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Lookout is the best anti-virus Android product out there. Free or not. Period.

Samsung aligning themselves with Lookout...allows them to take advantage of Lookout's install base. Like Dropbox, I hope Lookout stays independent - but the big fish do get hungry.

While there's movement towards BYOD, I don't see major influence with that aspect any more than I see individual users bringing their personal laptops into the enterprise. Partitioning devices is the only way to go.

For those companies wanting to walk before they run (Samsung Knox...)alliances appear to be a positive step forward without the $$ expenditures.

For individual users, if you don't like Lookout - root your damn devices and quit whining.