Samsung Exhibit 4G

T-Mobile is continuing its push of 4G Android phones, and the latest looks to be the Samsung Exhibit 4G.  The specs we're sure of, thanks to a tipster who sent a handful of pictures to T-MoNews, are TouchWiz, a front facing camera, Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread), and a model number of SGH-T759.  Additional rumored specs include a 1.4 GHz ARM11 processor, a 5 MP shooter that does 720p recording, and a 3.7-inch AMOLED display. 

Looks like another nice mid-range Android phone from Samsung.  We'll be on the lookout for more about this one, for now hit the source link to see the rest of the photos.

Source: T-MoNews


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Samsung Exhibit 4G leaks, looks like T-Mobile's latest mid-range offering


T-mobile just keeps it moving with new Android phones. Why cant sprint do the same thing. They always ride on like 1 major android device for the entire year.

They didn't put a keyboard on the Evo. Oh, and I like having a keyboard on my Epic. That is one of the major reasons I chose Epic over the Evo.

...besides at least its *different* and not just a black slab like almost all other android phones out there.

the epic would have been a better seller if it wasn't for that stupid keyboard, that is the reason why the evo sold more than the epic, even though the epic is a better phone.

Why in the heck would you call this a midrange phone, because it is not dual core?

It has two cameras - 1.4ghz cpu (that would make it fast without 3rd party OC'ing) - 720p (yes it is not 1080p, but how many are) recording and an AMOLED display - and Gingerbread.

I'd say if it is a current phone, then by current standards, its maybe not the ultimate, but certainly better than entry level midrange.

I agree with you completely. And contrary to what many phone manufacturers think these days, bigger is not always better. A 4.5 inch screen is just far too big for a mobile device!

I agree. No way in heck is this a midrange device. 1.4 ghz?? That's faster than anything on the market, outside of dual core, which isn't even the standard yet.

Because if the rumors are right, it's an ARM11 CPU. Think Moment, Intercept, or....Pixie o_O Clock speed doesn't matter. It's a new phone with old specs.

agree. clock speed, gingerbread amoled. Why is this not a high end phone?
3.7 inches? come on, not everyone likes a small tablet as a phone.
Arm11 may not peel paint off walls but 1.4 ghz is nice.
720p? I call BS, people demanding 1080p from cell phone. seriously, it's not just the number. 720 is more than adequate for video a. from a phone, b. for most people, and c. even on hdtv's that are less than 42". Some of the nerds are getting a little too gluttonous.

Because the processor on the EVO 3D dual core it`s 1.2GHz,actually it`s 1.5GHz speed. that`s why this phone been called mid range phone.

Looks like a solid offering for those wanting a little bit smaller screen. I imagine this is about the size of a iPhone.

Ita 3.7. So its bigger than the iphone. It has the same screen size as the incredible, nexus one and G2

I'm getting really tired of all these 4G, 1.4GHz, front facing camera having, HD shooting, AMOLED screen rocking "Mid Grade"? phones...

Its funny (not) how a high-end $650+tax phone is not considered even as "midrange" less than 9 monthes after its out 8-/

Lets try it this way:

Forget the clock speed for a second. A 3.33 GHz Celeron CPU is not better or higher specs than a core i3 at 2.13 GHz, even though it has more jiggawatts. If the rumored specs are right, this one's far from a powerhouse.

Preach it brother! this thing is junk and any chump who gets suckered into buying it because of the misleading specs will be sorely dissapointed