Samsung Developer Conference

Samsung has announced that their 2014 Developers Conference will take place this November. The event will run from November 11-13th in San Francisco, taking place at Moscone West. While Samsung isn't yet talking about their specific plans for the Conference, it wouldn't be surprising to see updates on the Samsung Mobile SDK, S Health, and wearables.

Samsung has spent the last couple of years trying to build relationships with developers. The first Samsung Developer Conference was held last October, and introduced the Mobile SDK, the KNOX Enterprise SDK, and more. You can check out Android Central's coverage of last year's Samsung Developer Conference.

You can also sign up to be notified about this year's conference right now, with registration beginning at a later date. What do you hope to see at the Samsung Developer Conference this year? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow, Samsung Developers Conference


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Samsung to hold its Developers Conference this November


Well i think google does the same thing. As you can see from my signature, i use Nexus 5 and it has A LOT of bloaware that i don't use and cannot uninstall. so why trash only samsung when google does the same?

Oh wait a minute i think my nexus 5 is also plastic...

Posted via NEXUS 5

I was just trying to troll with the plastic comment. But the bloat on Samsung devices is ridiculous. BTW what bloatware do you have on your nexus?

Posted from my Nexus 7 or my HTC one M8 running android L

Photo app? (Why do i have 2 photo apps?)
Google drive
Play books
Play games
Play movies
Play newsstand
I don't use any of them lol
I wish i can uninstall them easily but google doesn't let me. So yeah they are bloats.
thats about it

Posted via NEXUS 5

I use 6 of those daily and weekly, I don't consider Google services bloat, as I do all the added crap samsung has in Touchwiz that I can't turn off and eats up almost 1 GB of ram on my phone.

At least when I force close Google apps they stay closed