Samsung has responded to and rejected claims from China Labor Watch saying that one of their component part suppliers, HTNS Shenzhen, was hiring underage workers. The investigation by Samsung into the matter concluded yesterday, where the worker in question affirmed that they are over 18 years of age. Two other workers who are no longer with the company were also found to have been over 18 when hired. 

Samsung builds and supplies over 90-percent of their own parts, but like many electronic manufacturers they still have a need for pieces from mainland China. Because of the attention this episode has drawn, Samsung has stated that they will implement new hiring practices, including face to face interviews and the introduction of electronic devices to detect fake IDs.

Even when not true, allegations of child labor can be damning to a company in the eyes of the west. Samsung will be doing everything possible to make sure it doesn't happen, and that nobody thinks it may be happening. They have a big reputation to uphold on the world stage, after all. For the full statement, see the source link.

Source: Samsung 


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Samsung denies claims of underage workers at their parts supplier


Looks like Apple will try just about anything to try to bring down this Machine called Samsung. I heard that Apple started this entire situation by fabricating this rumor because they don't have the innovation to fabricate anything else. hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahah, take apart any one of their so called I-Phones and 90% of the parts are made by yes you know, Samsung. The only company that is bringing anything new to the table these days is Samsung, just look at the new software innovations that their SGS3 and the Note 2 have, they are mind blowing. I am a Nexus nut just like any Android fan is but after using these new devices by Samsung I have left them stock and find something new every day that is in these phones I never knew was there. The software innovations are just freaken sick, real sick. Sorry for the rant but Apple can try to fabricate anything they want about Samsung, the fact is they are the best phone manufacturers in the world. It is amazing how some people can just see only one thing and that is it. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

First, Samsung *made* the storage units for the iPhones, not "90%" of the iPhone.

Secondly, did you make that post, or did the people who made your keyboard/keyboard app? It was your "creativity" with someone else's hardware. Does a chef make their food, or is it all on the people who produce the ingredients?

Lastly, yes, this does reek of Apple pushing these people to say it. I do not think Apple is innovating anymore, and this is their way to keep a competitor down, rather than innovating. Apple makes iPhones (and they're bought because they're an iPhone, not because they do anything super special).

Edit: changed an "it" to "iPhone" for clarity.

Apple trying to start a smear campaign, talk about desperation. Considering Foxxconn has to put up netting around their buildings and dorms for their (slaves) workers. because these people would rather commit suicide than work the horrible hours and conditions at these manufacturers. EFF Apple and their ethics and business practices, Karma is a bitch and Apple's reckoning is just beginning

Apple has had their own share of rumors and allegations of child labor, having been accused of hiring kids to work in Apple supply plants

Including weapons manufacturing companies. In one case US military used under age kids in Philippines to make weapons!