Clean Continuum DL17

The Samsung Continuum gets an awesome treat from Android Central forums adviser and ROM developer Adrynalyne with his Clean Continuum DL17 ROM.  Samsung Fascinate users should be familiar with Adrynalyne's work, and they'll all tell you it's great.  This has carried over to the Continuum.  The short list of features:

  • Deodexed, Debloated, DeBinged, and mostly, DeTouchwizzed.
  • Visual voice mail is gone, voice mail button in the dialer now opens Google Voice.
  • Verizon Wireless carrier banner replaced.
  • Messaging app will not longer do multi-part messages, but instead converts to MMS automatically once the 160 character mark is hit.
  • GPS has been tweaked.
  • ADW Launcher installed as default

Adrynalyne says that while this is an early beta, it still should be perfectly stable.  It's great to see the Android community at work on phones that don't have the spotlight, and if you're rocking a Continuum you owe it to yourself to have a look.  Check it out in the forums.  Thanks, Adrynalyne, for the hard work!


Reader comments

Samsung Continuum ROM Clean Continuum DL17 [From the Forums]


Wtf dude, why don't you just give us the OTA? Us fascinate users are still waiting... Verizon is just a worthless P.O.S carrier idk why people are still with these losers, if I had the money I would switch carriers

yes because it has EVERYTHING to do with Verizon. Because the Inc. and the OG Droid dont have froyo or anything. Lets think for a second. All the galaxy s phones on all of the carriers have had to wait longer than normal for the upgrade. Maybe it has a little to do with Samsung.

For sure you aren't jawing cause A- Lyne isn't giving you an official build? Be thankful he is willing to do these roms for our phones. Your lack of gratitude is sad. Save your pennies & leave Verizon then get whatever phone you want. I just hope you show some appreciation of any independent devs who take the time to work on those phones.

Agreed! The only reason to hope for official updates now is for awesome folks like Adrynalyne to get there hands on the bits and pieces and make lovely works of art for us to use.

Oh & for Continuum owners out there... grab this up now. Adrenalyne does some amazing work on the Fascinate. You won't be disappointed!