Today was a big day for the folks at Samsung. The joy of announcing their latest device was capped off by being invited to ring the closing bell at the NASDAQ Stock Market in New York. Samsung American CSO Omar Khan and Pat Devlin, President New York Metro Region, Verizon Wireless among other execs took the time to pose for the picture above showing off the Samsung Continuum. [SamsungTweets]

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zambalis says:

Don't know if the phone is worth a dank but its getting a great advertisement start.

moises1204 says:

Alllllll that for this phone? give me a break....

zambalis says:

Seems fitting for the second ticker screen prenatal ever Ur calling it. I can see it now.... get your stock info, tmz news, and some viral ads taking over that space. What would sell is if a random pair of breast scrolled. Is use it for the boobies.

zambalis says:

* damn autocorrect... or what ever

bobaka says:

where is my froyo update Samsung????

jjnewb says:

Where is my android 2.2 update for my samsung vibrant.. What a bunch of bull if anyone is going to buy this just remember I have been waiting since august for my update and each month been promised the next month. Well its the next month.