Samsung Conquer 4G

A new software update is currently rolling out to Samsung Conquer 4G owners on Sprint. This updated is noted as just a security fix (see: CarrierIQ removal) for the device but one other thing to make note of with this release is the fact that Sprint has removed the Magic, Smoke, Many, Maps, Nexus, Spectrum, Water, and Waveform live wallpapers from the updated labeled as FC17. If you're not seeing the update as of yet, it will be along within the next 10 days due to how Sprint rolls out updates.

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Samsung Conquer 4G software update now available from Sprint

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It isn't how Sprint rolls out updates. It is OEM dependent. If they use google severs or their own to push the update. If they use google, that is when there is a big window because the device only checks once a week for an update. Example HTC uses their own servers so you get faster updates.